What Makes a Healthy Marriage?


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Marriage is defined as a social union of two individuals under the eyes of God. Hence the saying “What God has put together, let no man put asunder.”  It is also considered as an institution that leads to the creation of a family. When two people fall in love, marriage is the end result of all the dating, talking, misunderstandings and eventual reconciliation. So what makes a healthy marriage between a man and a woman? One of the traits of a good marriage is honesty. When one person stops telling the truth to the other, this often leads to the crumbling of a relationship.

Couples should be honest with each other regarding the big things and little things, but not so much to the point of smothering each other and doing unnecessary actions. Therapists often say that having a few secrets here and there would be good because this will keep the relationship of a married couple interesting as they grow older and be surprised at the discovery of each other’s hidden sides along the way.

Communication is also one of the most important traits of a healthy marriage. Without properly listening to each other and saying what needs to be said, the marriage of two people can instantly turn sour. So the husband should always listen and attend to the needs of his wife and vice versa.
Talking to each other and paying attention to what your better half is saying is a good foundation for a stable relationship.

Being romantic is also one of the keys to having a healthy marriage. Just because you’re already married and have kids doesn’t mean you should stop going out on dates and spending a romantic evening together. To keep the relationship sweet, two people should never stop being young at heart. A married couple should go out once in a while to watch a movie together or ride a roller coaster in an amusement park.

Keeping track of anniversaries also helps to keep the fire burning between husband and wife. These special occasions will remind two people of the good times they had in the past and hopefully to inspire more good times in the future.