Vision & Values


Integrative Change was founded by Brad Kerschensteiner, LMFT in 2010 in South Florida and currently acts as its President. He developed the Integrative Change Network so health and wellness professionals can build lasting referral relationships, learn networking and practice-building skills, and have a community with like-minded practitioners. He found multiple problems facing practitioners including isolation, burnout, and lack of practical business skills. He also found that practitioners desire a more integrative approach to patient treatment, want to collaborate with other practitioners and not be limited by managed care. He also found that many health providers do not join traditional networking groups so he decided to create something exclusively for health and wellness providers. Currently, Integrative Change has an chapters in South Florida and NYC.


Integrative Change strives to be the valuable business network for health and wellness professionals in South Florida and NYC.


Integrative Change is dedicated to building an impactful and valuable business community of health and wellness professionals in the South Florida community for the purposes of creating enriching business relationships, sharing resources and passing referrals.


  • Clinical Expertise. That each member is absolutely amazing in their clinical speciality. They use evidence-based practices, have advanced experience, training and expertise.
  • Helpers Reward. That each member loves to help other practitioners, seeing them as allies not as competition. That members have a growth-mindset.
  • Community. That each member is committed to building community and mutually supportive, collaborative relationships with other practitioners.
  • Professionalism. That each is committed to developing their business and professional skills.
  • Integrative Approach. That each member is open to learning about other healing modalities and collaborating with practitioners outside their discipline.