Treating Trauma

Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) is a method of psychotherapy developed by Dr. Jon Connelly that quickly and painlessly relieves the suffering of people who have experienced any type of emotional or psychological trauma or traumatic event. Even if you cannot consciously remember what happened in the past the treatment accesses the root cause in the subconscious mind and resolves it.

Painful emotions and destructive behaviors that have been caused by these traumas are often eliminated when the mind becomes clear and free of anguish. People feel more energetic, liberated and ready to live their lives unrestricted by the negative emotional baggage of the past.

The treatment does not require reliving the pain of the past, having strong willpower or doing homework between sessions. There is no unusual effort that is required on the part of the patient as the process of healing happens automatically when the mind adjusts and becomes cleared.

What is Emotional or Psychological Trauma?

An event or situation that is life threatening can cause a person to feel overwhelmed, distressed or confused. Emotional or psychological trauma (traumatic stress) results from an event or experience that causes physical, emotional or psychological distress or harm.

The event or experience often happens unexpectedly when one is unprepared. A person is caught off guard and feels powerless. The individual becomes unable to cope or integrate the thoughts and emotions triggered by the event.

The trauma could have happened in childhood or adulthood. Although the event itself is over, the person still feels the effects. The effects are generally disturbing and continue to bother a person for many years.

The effects of traumatic stress can lead to: anxiety, depression, substance abuse, food addiction, sleep problems (including nightmares), promiscuity and panic attacks. Some identify these symptoms as Post Traumatic Stress as in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

What Can Be Resolved?

Distress resulting from any of the many types of problems that may have been caused by psychological or emotional trauma (traumatic stress):

    * Panic Attacks
    * Rape
    * Incest
    * Substance Abuse
    * Addictions
    * Phobias
    * Anger and Rage
    * Nightmares
    * Flashbacks and PTSD
    * Death of a loved one (frozen grief)
    * War and Combat
    * Violence

How Does RRT Work?

The subconscious mind holds the key to so many of our mysteries. It controls emotions, memory, habits, dreams and responses that are automatic. A person may consciously understand that he would like to change unwanted feelings or behaviors but feels stuck and unable to make those changes happen.

Rapid Resolution Therapy with Clinical Hypnosis identifies targets and then clears conflicts which may have been blocked but have been causing negative and unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviors in a person’s life. The treatment facilitates a transformation to occur in the mind that can change a person’s life for the better and end many years of suffering.

This method of treating trauma and its effects usually works more quickly than other methods. Sessions therefore are often longer in time allotted but less frequent in number.