Top Five Health Issues Among Women to Remember


Recommended Professional: Sofi Matz

Health issues such as gaining more energy for daily activities and losing unwanted fats are often asked by modern women. Normally, an American woman in her thirties becomes too concerned towards her family, relationships, and career that they often overlook the significance of monitoring their health.

A woman asking about her health should also know if she exhibits the symptoms of a disease and if they mild or severe. She should also know the proper diet and lifestyle she must have according to her age.

The following are five of the most frequently-discussed women’s health issues:
1.    Stroke. Diabetes and hypertension are the two most common causes of stroke among women as well as lack of exercise, and excessive work pressure. Working women are too busy that they are only able to give inadequate attention to their health leading to problems like hypertension. Though suffering from hypertension can never be avoided, a well-balanced diet, regular exercise, and proper medication are sure to help in controlling it.
2.    Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD). A common issue among women, FSAD is normally the reason for a woman’s vagina to have problems with lubrication due to damaged glands. In the penetration stage, the issue is that of an narrow vaginal canal, intact hymen, and inborn penetration phobia. In the orgasm stage, there are cases where all of the above three stages are being fulfilled and yet the woman is unable to reach an orgasm.
3.    Breast Cancer. Common nowadays, late marriage, less breast feeding, problems of over-weight and genetic factors, all make for a variety of reasons that heighten the risk of breast cancer in women. Regular check-ups could help one detect it. In preventing it, breast feeding, regular exercise, regular antioxidants-rich fruit intake should be promoted.
4.    Polycistic Ovarian Disease. Affecting about 5 to 10 per cent of women, it is a disorder in which there are many small cysts in the ovaries which can affect a woman’s ability to bear a child.
5.    Weight gain. The reasons lie in the complacency that sets in women. Being a wife normally makes women secrete the ‘feel good’ hormones that contribute in weight gain. Because of this, it is easier for working women to remain shapely due to the daily outdoor activities and travel that they do.