Membership Benefits

  1. Exclusive Access. You gain access to an exclusive network of health professionals who are committed to helping your practice grow.
  2. Member Exclusivity. You will have “ownership” of a specific treatment category (e.g. Nutritionist) related to your specialty and geographic area. This is designed to eliminate competition and promote a spirit of collaboration among network members. You may apply to a maximum of two categories; if you want to represent more than two categories, this must be discussed with IC. IC reserves the rights to create new categories based on the unique needs of the region, including categories that are “technique-based” (e.g. Clinical Hypnosis), although typically categories are “diagnosis/issue based” (e.g. Trauma)
    1. South Florida. Each category may be subdivided within your county (e.g. Dade County) in order to cover more geographic territory. In other words, there may be one professional in north Dade and one in south Dade both whom own the “Nutritionist” category; this is designed to accommodate patients who cannot travel long distances. Inpatient treatment centers and outpatient clinics will “own” the category in their respective county.
    2. New YorkAs a member, you will be the exclusive representative for your category based on your geographic region, which presently includes: the Upper East Side (55th Street and above on the east side), Upper West Side (55th Street and above on the west side), Midtown (55th to 29th Streets both east and west) and Downtown (28th Street and below). In other words, another practitioner will not be allowed to represent your category (e.g. Nutrition) in the same geographic region.
  3. Diversified Referral Sources. As a member you greatly expand your sources of referrals, both direct patient referrals and Strategic referrals. Strategic Referrals are business contacts given to you by another member who can lead to direct patient referrals.
  4. Trusted Professionals. When you refer a patient to or colloaborate with another health practitioner in the IC Network you have peace of mind that you are working with a leading professional in their speciality. All applicants must complete a thorough on-line application, submit two professional references, and their application is reviewed by the IC Membership Committee.
  5. 360° Business Assessment. You will complete a complementary assessment of your practice helping you identify key areas of business growth and specific strategies. This is a unique and comprehensive business tool created by IC and exclusive to members. This also includes two hours/year of complementary consutlation. 
  6. Professional Development Tools. You will learn tools and tips on how to successfully market your business and take full advantage of the network. These tools are exclusive to network members.
  7. Networking Meetings. Integrative Change hosts professonal networking meetings throughout the year as an opportunity to meet other members, cultivate professional relationships and give/receive referrals. These dates are set for the year so you can plan accordingly.
  8. Exposure & Positioning
    1. Website Practitioner Profile. A customized profile will be created for your business and include in our on-line Practitioner Directory.
    2. Networking Meetings. You will be invited to the IC meetings, exclusive to members, highlighting you as an expert in your specialty, also allowing you an opportunity to give and receive referrals.
    3. Official IC Seal. You will receive the official Integrative Change seal to put on your website. This seal shows your affiliation with a reputable local organization as well as improves on-line search engine optimization.
    4. Home Page. You may choose to place an advertisement on the IC home page. See the Annual Rates for details. Ad specifications will be provided by IC. 
    5. Concierge Referral Services. IC can coordinate with your in-house referral services or serve as an external referral resource for your patients.
  9. Business Solutions. IC has affiliate partnerships with local businesses who provide valuable services to IC members’ practices. At IC monthly meetings, you have the opportunity to meet staff from these businesses, and learn how they can help. If you utilize their services, IC receives a nominal commission fee from these partners.
  10. IC Bulletin Board. You will be able to contact other members through IC’s listserve if you need a professional referral, want to make an announcement about your practice, or need a business service.
  11. Community & Consultation. You will be able to consult with other highly skilled professionals in the IC network. The IC network helps prevent practitioner burnout by offering you with a social and professional support system. Each member is available to offer consultation and advice so you can provide optimal patient care.
  12. Prevent Practitioner Burnout. Staying connected to other professionals and involved in community is essential for preventing burnout in the helping profession. Your membership is an effective way to practice self-care. 
  13. Refer a Member Reward Program. If you refer a health professional who joins Integrative Change, you will receive 10% of their annual membership fee. You must have this new member submit the on-line application, which has to be reviewed and approved by the IC Membership Committee. You will receive this payment in the form of a check after the new members application has been submitted and approved. You must be an active member to receive this benefit.