Our Mission

  • Diversify your “word of mouth” referral sources
  • Participate in networking meetings with like-minded practitoners
  • Build lasting professional relationships
  • Enjoy community and collaboration
  • Learn professional development tools
  • Participate in an exclusive network of health providers

Integrative Change is dedicated to building a diverse community of health and wellness professionals through business education, networking, relationship building, and resource sharing.

Integrative Change strives for health and wellness professionals.

Integrative Change is an exclusive, by application-only network of leading health and wellness professionals in South Florida and New York City who offer specialized areas of expertise. Each professional recognizes the strengths of their own practice while also understanding its limitations.

  • Clinical Expertise. That each member is amazing at what they do. They use evidence-based practices, has advanced experience, training and expertise.
  • Helpers Reward. That each member loves to help other practitioners, understanding the business, relational and spiritual value of this approach. That members will help other members through giving referrals, sharing resources and contacts, collaborating and consulting.
  • Community. That each member understand they can do more as a group than they can alone. That each member is willing to help build the IC community of practitioners for the purpose of preventing care-taker burnout and supporting others in the professional growth.
  • Professionalism. That each members understands that being good in business is part of being a good clinician. That each member develops their professionalism, including their business networking skills.
  • Integrative Approach. That each member has the ability to go beyond the confines of a single-school approach in order to learn from other perspectives. The flexibility to go beyond a “one size fits all” approach in order to meet the needs of a client. That each member has an openness to alternative health modalities and paradigms while maintaining one’s critical thinking.
Integrative Change guarantees that as a member, you willbe empowered with high-impact, meaningful business relationships. In addition, IC will provide you with the necessary ingredients to have a successful networking experience. We do this using the 4Cs to Integrative Change success process: