“Brad Kerschensteiner was retained by SMG to deliver a presentation on the Enneagram System and the nine identified personality profiles to the sales and marketing leadership for SMG’s convention center division. SMG is the world’s largest private venue management company for convention centers, arenas, exhibition halls, and is currently managing 227 buildings.
Brad delivered an engaging and thought provoking presentation on the Enneagram’s nine different personality types. Each of the attendees was given a personality assessment to fill out and Brad walked the group through their personal strengths and derailers of each of the nine styles. Brad had each attendee create personal action plans for working through their derailers. It was interesting to see the sales leaders come to awareness of their personal blind sports and how to change them for positive results. Each leader left with new skills in for managing, developing and coaching their sales teams.
Brad is a calm, kind and compassionate trainer who is open to questions and is non judgmental of everyone. He is an intelligent and engaging instructor and can customize his presentation for any level of management.”
 -Paula Miller, SMG Certified K’nekt Trainer

 “It is a rare thing indeed for me to recommend a leadership training coach. Having been in management positions for many years I felt I knew pretty much how best to conduct myself. So I was more than surprised to find such great results from the training seminar I took with Brad. He has a truly unique way of bringing participants to areas of their operational persona that will improve with observation and analysis. He does all this in such a warm and inviting way participants feel very free to explore current personal patterns and how to improve them. I recommend him unequivocally and would not hesitate to hire him again or for any organization I am involved with.”

 Michael Cannon, MComm Corporation, Miami, FL.


“It is with great pleasure I recommend Bradley. Our (financial) firm needed someone to help us develop better ways of internal communication. Once hired Bradley quickly saw where our communication styles conflicted causing bottlenecks and communication problems. Within a very few weeks our communications improved significantly by implementing some simple techniques that Bradley brought to us. We were very pleased with the results.”

Miller Wiggin & Financial Associates, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


“Brad’s seminar taught us new ways of communication …that went far beyond the “scripting approach” used by most team-building coaches. He taught us new ways of understanding ourselves which will allow us to minimize employee conflict and maximize customer service. I’d strongly recommend this seminar for any business. I run a busy healthcare practice seeing up to 45 patients per day. Our small team of six must provide a level of customer service that is unparalleled, all while getting along with each other.”

Carlson Orthodontics, Mill Valley, CA


“For over a decade, I have been in sales and various levels of management. As a result, I have attended many leadership courses, lectures, and seminars. The sessions Brad gave provided more insight, understanding, and helpful guidance than any other training I’ve attended. The Enneagram provides a deeper understanding of a person’s – not only of others, but myself as well – behaviors and thoughts processes than most other personality tests. Thus, not only were we able to recognize our actions, but with Brad’s expertise, we were able to figure out where our behaviors stem from. Once we knew that, Brad was able to help us identify an area or two that we as leaders were able to improve in. For example, as a Type 3 (an achiever) that many of my behaviors and why I look to excel is to gain respect and recognition. In all the training sessions I’ve been to before, none of them attacked that issue. In discussing it within the group, I found this to be extremely accurate. Before the session ended, with Brad’s assistance, I put together some ideas how to utilize my new found insight with my relationships, business and leadership. I would highly recommend Brad’s Leadership training for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of themselves, others and to use that knowledge to achieve greater results.”

Jeff Pratt, President, Geoff Alain Custom Clothing, Miami, FL


“Brad Kerschensteiner’s leadership training utilizing the enneagram, has been one of the most enlightening and powerful leadership seminars I have attended in a long while.  The clarity in which Brad delivers the material and helps the audience delve deep into our personality was great!  It gave me a better understanding of why I put important things off and gave me the remedy to prevent it from interfering with my success.  In the last couple of months I have seen a positive change in my business as a result of this training.  If you want to grow as a person and business leader this is definitely a course to take. 

Brad’s passion is infectious.  You will definitely walk away feeling like you can do more and be even better after attending!”

Irahisa Disla, Indepedent Sales Director, Mary Kay, Miami, FL


“I participated in the in the Enneagram/Leadership Training seminar, and found it to be highly beneficial. I was impressed with the approach to training, as well Brad’s personable presentation. Noticeably Brad is an expert in this field, and it shows the time and effort he has put in developing an easy to follow program…I would recommend any business executive to consider taking the Enneagram Leadership training seminar provided by Brad.”

Gustavo Hermida, President, Restored Digital Solutions, Miami, FL


“There are many things about Brad that make him an outstanding person and consummate professional, one being his ability to educate and provide an understanding of this approach, the Enneagram,  that proved immensely valuable… enables me to better communicate with my clients and other professionals, to be a more skilled listener, develop greater patience with myself…”

James B., Miami, FL


“It was quite interesting to be with a group that shares many common interests together on a weekly basis without really understanding how and why our different personalities work together for a common goal. Learning that we share some common traits and certainly have unshared traits was quite enjoyable and educational. I think that I understand my issues of always wanting to talk, add-in and make comments aloud that perhaps I shouldn’t. I should be able to think things through more completely before interjecting and more importantly, will make me be a better listener than before, a common problem for most of us.

I hope that you can repeat the experience with more of us as a group because those that missed it, missed a opportunity to build a better relationship with one another, and gain a valuable tool in understanding what makes us take on the positions, roles, and goals that we do.”

Lones Gemologists & Appraisers, Business Networking International Training, Miami,


“Brad spoke at Hadassah’s Alternative Health and Wellness program about Personality and Leadership skills. He had a captivating and interactive presentation style. He gave us useful information to think about on how we deal with others in the work force. I would certainly recommend him to organizations or businesses who want to improve their employees work performance and create harmony within business situations among staff.”

Lori Heiken
Director-Greater Miami Region of Hadassah