Regional Chapter Directors

Integrative Change, Inc. has created chapters in multiple regions with the important help of the Chapter Directors below. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits and responsibilities of being a Chapter Director and would like to start an Integrative Change chapter in your area, please contact us directly at: 786-201-4543




Caryl Keating Photo Dr. Caryl Keating

Dr. Caryl A. Keating, Psy.D., is a licensed psychologist with a doctorate in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.). She serves as The Chapter Director forthe Integrative Change Network in Broward and Palm Beach County in Florida. Dr. Keating maintains a private practice and offers Mind-Body Skills Groups and Workshops. As a Chapter Director, a psychologist and local member of Integrative Therapist Network, Dr. Keating supports new members; plans and organizes monthly meetings, trainings and member events; and collaborates with the IC team in the growth and expansion of the Integrative Change Network of Health and Wellness Professionals in South Florida.



Inessa F Photo Inessa Frelyekhman

Inessa Freylekhman is Feng Shui Expert & Author. She has a unique way of unearthing the hidden blocks in a person’s home and mind, and transforming them into areas for greater growth, healing and fulfillment. Inessa is passionate about supporting women and men with opening their hearts and preparing their homes for love. Her work has appeared in LA Yoga Magazine, Psychology Today and on Personal Life Media. She has a private therapy practice in Coral Gables and when she’s not Feng Shui’ng the world, Inessa writes and performs funny stories about her Russian family and Feng Shui adventures! Visit her at and

Dr. George Munoz
Dr. Munoz’s initial self-education approach was replaced with a formal 2 year post doctoral fellowship in Integrative Medicine (2006-2008), taught by world class faculty at the prestigious Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, founded by Dr Andrew Weil. Dr Munoz was selected as the first rheumatologist of the fellowship program to be trained in integrative medicine and was hand selected as the first recipient of the Jones- Lovell Rheumatology Scholarship award. Dr Munoz is a world class trained arthritis specialist, internist, medical anthropologist, integrative medicine specialist, national lecturer, author,  and martial artist who blends his training, experiences and acquired knowledge into cutting edge wellness, anti-aging and disease prevention techniques.  Dr. Munoz practices in Aventura, FL and has been a member of Integrative Change since 2010. His role in the Membership Committee is to oversee incoming new applications, helping ensure quality and excellence of members.