Rapid Resolution Therapy

In recent months I have become acquainted with a cutting edge treatment for trauma victims. It is called Rapid Trauma Resolution. It uses hypnosis in a new and interesting way to help the client literally resolve traumatic issues.

I became interested enough to take a 3 day training in the method and I was really impressed. I saw videotapes of people who had experienced severe trauma such as rape, battery and other abuse as well as an emergency medical worker who had been at ground zero during 9/11. The results were stunning!

This method is unlike any other trauma treatment I have come across in that it is painless, requires very little work from the client and resolves trauma quickly. The method is elegant and gentle and does not cause the type of “reliving” experience other methods tend to use. In fact the client does not relive the experience but becomes indifferent to the effects of the experience. It is quite remarkable to see.

I have been using some of the principles I learned from my initial training with really positive results. These methods can be used to resolve feelings of guilt, shame, rage, PTSD, phobias, anxiety and other types of problems.

I will be taking the advanced training at the beginning of June and will be offering this treatment in my practice. Stay tuned.

Stan Hyman, LCSW