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Rebecca M. Marshall


South Dade/Coral Gables
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2332 Galiano St, 2nd FL Coral Gables, FL 33134


As a Holistic Psychotherapist, I offer integrative, mindfulness-based, mind-body approaches to whole-person wellness, decreasing symptoms of stress, anxiety and “dis-ease”. Clients learn to actively engage in healthcare and cultivate lasting change - gaining skills and tools for fostering personal, professional and family wellness across phases of life. I specialize in helping licensed healthcare and helping professionals bring mindfulness-based, mind-body medicine into their practices and into their lives - increasing intuition, enhancing health and activating new levels of flow. Professionals learn to bridge the gap between their traditional training and the new wave of healthcare/therapy, staying up to date with the latest research and relevant to client desires. In addition, I specialize in working with children, adolescents and adults who are often seen as “falling outside of social norms” in the areas of behavior, emotional regulation and communication. These individuals often have heightened sensitivities to the world around them and have difficulty expressing their needs in appropriate ways. They may have reported seeing or otherwise experiencing aspects of spirit that others do not through images, felt sense experiences or smells

Founder of ActivXchange, an integrative healthcare practice in Coral Gables, FL, Rebecca Marshall guides individuals and groups to attain, maintain and optimize desired levels of health & wellness as holistic beings; focusing on the relationship within and between mind, body & spirit. Becca earned her BA in Psychology from the University at Buffalo and MS in School Counseling from Canisius College. She is currently licensed as a mental health counselor and certified as a BodyTalk practitioner. Becca has over 15 years of experience providing and advocating for evidence-based mental health services within university, community, school and private practice settings. Previously employed by The Center for Children and Families at the University at Buffalo and Florida International University, and with South Florida Integrative Medicine. In addition to her clinical background, Becca has participated in extensive mindfulness-based and holistic mind-body medicine trainings and experiences; including those offered through the Center for Mindfulness at UMASS, the International BodyTalk Association, and Vipassana Hawaii.