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Dr. Caryl A. Keating

 Addiction/Substance Abuse

Delray Beach/Palm Beach County
https://www.drcarylkeating.com www.integrativepsychologyllc.com
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Licensed Psychologist Florida PY8234 Integrative Psychology As a licensed psychologist, I work with adolescent, adult and senior clients addressing life transitions, anxiety, depression, self image, relationship issues and conflicts of daily living and loving. I have expertise working with individuals and families struggling with the impact of chronic stress, addiction, substance abuse and complex trauma recovery. We will begin with a comprehensive assessment and integrate complementary techniques to offer a highly personalized approach tailored to meet your unique needs. I strive to create a trusting relationship in a private, supportive and collaborative environment in order to facilitate maximal results. Practical feedback helps my clients effectively address personal life challenges. With compassion and understanding, I will work with you to help build on your strengths and attain the personal growth you are committed to accomplishing. Consultation is available by appointment in Delray Beach, Boca Raton & Palm Beach, Florida. Mind-Body Skills Groups Change Your Life… Join a Mind-Body Skills Group Reduce the impact of stress, depression & anxiety For More Information & Pre-registration Call 561.859.6767 Mind-Body Skills Groups are based on the work of James S. Gordon, MD, Harvard educated psychiatrist Founder of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, DC www.drcarylkeating.com