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Dr. Stan Hyman

 Couples Therapy

Aventura/North Dade County
Insurance companies do not cover couple counseling.



I am a licensed psychotherapist, board certified sex therapist (Clinical Sexologist) and life coach practicing in Aventura, Florida. I originally practiced in New York City before coming to Florida. I help individuals, couples and business partners create solutions and find new ways to develop the relationships and lives they desire.

I work with couples helping them to change ineffective patterns of behavior, improve communication and create solutions. This often means learning how to create new patterns that bring about change, better understanding and respect between partners. My style is focused and collaborative, helping clients balance their high stress lives and high performance expectations with the needs of family, friends and self.

I also work with individuals (both men and women) including professionals, entrepreneurs, students and athletes helping them to enhance their performance. I specialize in the treatment of anxiety depression and stress related problems. I work quickly to eliminate or reduce distress or panic.