Mindful Eating: Minding What We Eat, Eating What We Mind


Recommended Professional: Jennifer Nardozzi, Claudia Pimentel, Sofi Matz, MPR Nutrition

Satisfying our taste buds is one of the most passionate ways of treating ourselves. Eating has always been fun and challenging. Devouring a variety of foods and ingesting our favorite drink is such a pleasurable thing to do. But have we ever asked ourselves this question: “Do I think about what I eat?”

Eating with attention can be difficult for us especially when we are a busy person. For persons who are used to multitasking, eating is just one of those activities that need to be done everyday. Being busy does not give us the time and the opportunity to ponder about what we eat.

When we are eating mindfully, we are paying attention to the color, smell, texture, flavor and sound of our food. It is also paying attention to the mind. While doing this, we can notice how eating affects our mood and how our emotions influence our eating. To understand what, why, when and how we eat, we should be compassionate and judgmental.

Being conscious about what we eat, how much we eat and how we eat are important factors in achieving a healthy lifestyle. When we choose what we eat with caution and attention, it allows us to have satisfaction and fun without eating to excess. Mindful eating helps us experience the difference between physical satisfaction and fullness.

Moreover, mindful eating is one of the successful approaches to weight loss and techniques for meditation and stress relief. It is also recommended by weight loss coaches and diet books. The simple step that we can take to develop mindful eating to our regular meals is to eat without engaging in other activities. It is important to focus our attention to eating to achieve the satisfaction and fulfillment brought by mindful eating.

By experiencing the increased pleasure from mindful eating, we may be motivated to become more mindful during other activities, too. This is going to boost our energy and increase our interests about various things. Mindful eating can also provide us enjoyment and effectiveness in everything we do.