Membership Agreements

  1. I agree to attend at least four meetings per year. I also understand that I am expected to have a substitute (e.g. colleague, office manager, etc.) represent my services in the meetings if I cannot attend. I understand that it is important that my category and services be represented in each meeting. I understand that not meeting these requirements and expectations can jeopardize the status of my membership with Integrative Change.
  2. I agree to join the private Facebook page “IC Bulletin Board” and actively check and post on it, understanding that all IC communications happen here as well as serving as a critical tool for maintaining community and connection with other members
  3. I agree to only promote my “category” in the meetings and respect the categories of other members.
  4. I agree that if I register online for a meeting and I fail to cancel my registration within 24 hours and fail to attend the meeting then I am still responsible for paying for the event (approximately $20-30/event; this includes the lunch and use of the private dining room at the chosen venue). I understand that all members/partners/guests must pay for their own lunch and cannot opt out in advance or the same day. This fee (typically $20-30/person depending on the venue) covers the cost of the private dining room and lunch
  5. I agree to complete the New Member Orientation.
  6. I understand that I must pre-register for all IC events on the IC website under “Upcoming Event”. This is necessary so IC can coordinate with the meeting venue.
  7. I understand that I can bring a visitor to any of the meetings as long as it doesn’t conflict with an existing IC member. I understand that my visitor is allowed to attend a maximum of one IC meeting after which point they must submit their on-line application.
  8. I understand that each category is to be represented by only one member per chapter. I understand that I will represent my home chapter for my category however I am permitted to visit the other chapters as well.
  9. I understand that participation on the IC Facebook page is strongly encouraged and that subscription to the monthly Mailchimp IC newsletters is mandatory as this is the primary way information is given to members and partners.
  10. I understand the importance of providing and seeking clinical consultation with other practitioners within IC. I understand that this enables me to provide a higher quality of treatment to my clients as well as enhance my professional skills.
  11. I am willing to embrace a “Helpers Reward” philosophy. I realize that the more I selflessly support and refer potential clients to other IC members, that my practice will grow as well.
  12. I am willing to refer clients, whose issues are beyond the scope of my practice, to other IC practitioners. I am willing to accept referrals from other IC members.
  13. I understand that IC is not responsible for legally handling any complaints from a patient towards an iC member. However IC does reserve the right to speak with, and possibly terminate the contract of, the IC member if a patient complaint is made to IC about the practitioner they were referred to by IC.
  14. I agree to the yearly membership fee; this Investment is non-refundable. I understand that I will pay for myself, not Integrative Change, for the networking events, which is typically a professional luncheon.
  15. IC acknowledges and confirms that my membership in IC will not expose me to malpractice or other liability for the actions or inactions of IC or of any other members of IC. IC is not responsible for any illegal or unethical actions of any of its members.
  16. I understand that this contract will be reviewed by IC every six months for the first year of membership. IC reserves the right to terminate the contract if the member is not in good standing with the agreements outlined in this form. I understand that I also have the option to terminate my contract with IC at any point.
  17. I understand that if I move offices or open a second office that is in conflict with another Network member in the same category that I may not promote this office address on the IC website. You have the option of switching categories however this must be discussed with IC first.
  18. I agree to link on my professional website. Cross-linking improves the visibility of the website. You will be sent the official IC seal.
  19. I agree that all materials, handouts, etc. provided to me are property of Integrative Change, Inc. and are not available for distribution among non-members of the IC Network.
  20. If I am facilitating a professional or therapeutic workshop, seminar or training within my category, I am permitted to send this information to IC who will send an email blast to the IC Network. IC will not publish or market the services of non-members including training, consultation or clinical services.
  21. I agree that Banner Ads purchased and placed on the IC homepage must follow the ad specifications as outlined by IC.
  22. I agree to never disclose patient information via Facebook “IC Bulletin Board” page. I understand that if I am making an announcement about my services, this MUST pertain to my category.
  23. Refer a Member Reward Program. I agree that if I refer a health professional who joins Integrative Change, I will receive 10% of their annual membership fee. I understand that I must have this new member submit the on-line application, which must be reviewed and approved by the IC Membership Committee. I understand that I will receive this payment in the form of a check after the new members application has been submitted and approved.

Membership Renewal Guidelines

  1. Your membership renewal will be dated one calendar year from the beginning of your membership start date. You will be notified by IC at least two weeks prior to this renewal deadline. In order to keep you membership active you must submit your renewal on-time. Membership payments can be made via check and mailed to: Integrative Change, Inc., 975 West 41st Street, Suite 303, Miami Beach, FL 33140. If you wish to pay by credit card/Paypal then a 3.5% fee will be added. If your renewal payment is two weeks or more past due, you will be charged a 5% late fee.
  2. If you do not want to continue your membership, you must notify IC by mail and complete this Exit Survey. If you fail to terminate your membership then your membership is considered to be active; your membership will be pro-rated every two weeks until you officially terminate your membership using the steps outlined above.
  3. Members are not allowed to temporarily suspend their membership and then rejoin. That member must wait a minimum of six months before they are allowed to rejoin the IC Network. Members understand that during this six month grace period, that their profile will be removed from the IC website and they will lose all membership privledges, including attending quarterly meetings.

Membership Agreements are subject to change. Member’s will be notified by IC of any major changes in these agreements. If a member has a conflict with any specific agreement or it was not an existing agreement at the time the membership application was submitted, then this will be handled on a case-by-case basis directly with IC.