Listen, body, you work for me.

Your body’s telling you it doesn’t want to get out of bed (go on the job interview, the date, the networking meeting, the get-together with friends). It’s tired. Or wrapped in that familiar warm blanket of depression. Hiding out is the only thing on its agenda.

Only your body works for you.

Depression can be pretty powerful. The trick is, if you want to get out of being depressed (and this works for anxious, scared–lots of emotional sticking points), you’ve got to do that in spite of not at all feeling like it. Psychology tells us, “We’ll help you feel better so you can get out of bed.” I think it’s a scam. Sure, maybe there are some things that will make you feel better, and make getting out of bed (going to the party, getting back to work) a little easier (including, perhaps, medication). But even still, most likely you’ll have to do those things even while you feel bad.

In other words, you’ll have to show your body (even with all of its screaming for retreat) just who’s boss.