Learning the Psychological Needs of a Woman

Recommended Professional: Sofi Matz

The female human’s brain is so complex and mysterious. And for a man to get the girl of his dreams, he needs to know how a woman thinks and acts during courtship or mere conversations with the opposite sex. Some of the most basic psychological needs of a woman that can be of great help in wooing her are as follows:

1.    Instinctually, a woman has a psychological defense towards men and is naturally cautious towards them. No matter how good-looking or modish a man is, there is no guarantee that the woman he woos would surely be choosing him over an ugly or stupid one. So if you really want a girl, better be discreetly-modish when making yourself visible in front of her.
2.    Women love surprises and are craving to have a spontaneous life if they have a dull one.
3.    Women like exciting men who are good conversationalists. Remember to always make your subjective opinion towards any idea pervade your conversations with the woman you like.
4.    As a mature man, you must already know this: A woman loves real concern towards her.
5.    Women like frank men. Even if society tells them to be reserved when talking to men, women find straightforward guys difficult to turn down.
6.    Women are very secretive. Again, women have psychological defense towards men and are naturally cautious towards them. They are not comfortable at the thought that other people know their secrets. Know-it-all men certainly irritate them. Therefore, be humble yet clever in choosing the topics to bring-up in front of the woman you like. Also, be careful in mentioning her secrets if you know what they are.
7.    Most women lack freewill and self-government. That is why they particularly like men who are responsible, intelligent, passionate, and courageous. Sometimes, even impulsively and reckless men attract them a lot. Women dislike men who are shy, indecisive, and insecure. But if you are willing to exhibit your finest qualities to the girl of your dreams, keep in mind to avoid being the know-it-all guy every woman hates.