Meeting with fellow Network members (a “1 to 1”) is critical to receiving referrals. The more 1 to 1’s you do the more referrals you are likely to receive. People are more comfortable referring business to those they know and trust. Therefore, we strongly encourage that you do a 1 to 1 with each member.

As mental health professionals, we are very skilled at building trust and rapport. However, we often don’t communicate our professional goals to each other nor extend ourselves to help one another. Remember, every member is a potential source of either direct or strategic referrals. Below are tips on how to make the most of these meetings:

  1. Get to know each other’s professional Goals.
  2. Educate each other about your practice.
  3. Get to know each other’s professional Accomplishments.
  4. Show genuine interest in their Personal Interests.
  5. Find out what Social Networks they move in.
  6. Get to know the clinical Skills that set them apart.
  7. Invest in the relationship.
  8. Ask “How can I help you?” and “Who would you like to meet”.
  9. Open your “rolodex” of contacts to help one another.
  10. Enjoy the Joy of Giving and helping your colleague.
  11. Make a commitment to Follow-Up with another. Schedule another meeting if necessary.
  12. Make sure you have enough information to help them reach their goals.