What does “Integrative” mean?

  1. Wholeness. Each professional in the Integrative Health Network (IHN) is committed to you becoming more whole. Health, including flexibility in problem solving and relating, naturally occurs when your thinking, feeling, behavioral, physiological, relational, and spiritual system are brought into greater balance. By having greater self-awareness and making concrete, effective behavioral changes, you are then able to fully engage with life and others with greater openness and authenticity.
  2. Flexibility. Each member of IHN integrates, or assimilates some of the most effective strategies from other theoretical perspectives rather than imposing a “one size fits all” approach. This forms the foundation for comprehensive treatment.
  3. Consultation. Integrative also refers to working with other integrative health practitioners in order to complement and strengthen the treatment services being provided.  For example, if you are addressing issues of anxiety or insomnia with your therapist, then you may also be recommended to see a Psychiatrist or Acupuncturist as well, with whom we will consult. It is important to know that we have access to some of the best integrative health practitioners in South Florida and that this approach will allow you even greater treatment success.
  4. Integrative Medicine. Integrative Medicine combines conventional Western medicine with alternative or complementary treatments including herbs, supplements, and stress reduction techniques such as yoga and meditation. Integrative Medicine views the patients holistically, taking into account their psychological, physical, and spiritual health as well as lifestyle choices. Integrative Medicine selectively picks the most scientifically validated therapies from both conventional Western and alternative medicine. Integrative medicine practitioners does not reject conventional medicine yet maintains a health skepticism of alternative therapies as well. Finally, Integrative Medicine promotes overall health and vitality focusing on the prevention of illness and disease.