1. Be visible: attend as many IC network events and trainings as possible.
  2. Embrace an attitude of Helpers Reward. Focus on giving to others.
  3. Align your professional goals with your efforts in the network.
  4. Do as many 1 to 1’s as possible. Every member is a potential source of referrals.
  5. Track you Referrals using the Referral Tracking Sheet.
  6. Write a dynamic, engaging website profile.
  7. Ask for Strategic Referrals. Update the monthly Strategic Referral Request list by contacting IC.
  8. Shift into a mind-set of abundance.
  9. Build credibility. Consult and collaborate with other network members. Share articles and accomplishments with one another.
  10. Familiarize yourself with and refer business to the IC Partners.
  11. Show gratitude. Thank one another for making a referral to your practice.
  12. Refer a trusted colleague to become a member of the Therapist Network.
  13. Update the Calendar of Events on the IC website with a training or event that you may be providing.
  14. Keep a business card notebook with the cards of each member.
  15. Familiarize yourself with the IC website especially the “Find a Therapist” section.  Know who is who.