Integrative Change has partnered with Holistic Business Coach, Kristin Stevens, to provide IC members with three dynamic coaching services, outlined below. Kristin M. Stevens specializes in using tools in the Koshas, or five layers of being (Spiritual, Intellectual, Mental/Emotional, Energetic, and Physical), to help healing practitioners, coaches and soulful entrepreneurs fulfill their deepest intentions for creating authentic and successful businesses. Kristin inspires and motivates with her holistic perspective, warm presence, and down-to-earth style.


Individual coaching provides highly customized, personalized support dedicated to helping members succeed in building an authentic and sustainable practice. It is ideal for members who have been trying to make their businesses work for months–or even years–and they are, frankly, tired of doing it alone and want some support. My approach is a blend of practical business-building and a holistic coaching style that incorporates tools from each of the five Koshas, or layers of being (Spiritual, Intellectual, Mental/Emotional, Energetic, Physical).