Frequently Asked Questions

What does my Annual Membership cost get me?

  • Category Exclusivity. You will have “ownership” of a specific treatment category (e.g. Nutritionist) related to your specialty and geographic area. This is designed to eliminate competition and promote a spirit of collaboration among network members.
  • Monthly Networking Meetings.Integrative Change hosts a monthly professional networking event as an opportunity to meet other members, cultivate professional relationships and give/receive referrals. These dates are set for the year so you can plan accordingly.
  • Diversified Referral Sources. As a member you greatly expand your sources of referrals, both direct patient referrals and Strategic referrals. You gain access to an exclusive network of health professionals who are committed to helping your practice grow.
  • Professional Development Tools & Resources. You will learn tools and tips on how successfully market your business and take full advantage of the network. These tools are exclusive to network members, including the 360 Business Assessment.

How many chapters and members are there?

We have three chapters in Miami and one in Broward, each of which meets on quarterly basis. In Miami, the chapters meet in Aventura, Coral Gabes and Miami Beach. Please check the Find a Practitioner Directory on the IC homepage to see our members.

Which chapter meetings should I attend? Am I required to attend all the meetings?

Attending chapter meetings outside your home chapter is encouraged as a way to expand your network of contacts and to give and receive referrals. We do not require that you attend all meetings, however it is strongly encouraged to have consistency and visibility to other members. If you cannot attend, you are expected to send a substitute (a colleague, office manager, etc.).

How do I choose a category especially if I treat many issues in my practice?

The idea is to choose a category based on the “sweet spot” in your practice. In other words, what issue are you really good at treating? The idea is for you to revolve your marketing efforts around this core strength. This way people are more likely to remember what you do and typically you will attract other types of clients/cases as well (this is called the “halo effect”).

How is the Integrative Change Network different than other networking or professional organizations?

Business Development. Professional organizations related to your field or specific license involve meeting with other similar professionals for training or clinical purposes. IC is unique in that it focuses on helping you become a better business person and thus, grow your practice. It gives you the opportunity to network with professionals across a spectrum of health disciplines in a way that you actually stand out as a specialist in a non-competitive manner.

Cost. Integrative Change is less expensive than other networking organizations. Most professional networking organizations will cost between $1000-2000/year. Our membership fee is an annual flat rate with no monthly or application fees. Members pay for their own lunch at a venue with whom we have negotiated a reasonable lunch rate.

Business Coaching & Resources. IC membership includes 2 hours of business Coaching a year, a 360 Business Assessment designed just for health professionals and practice building resources not found in other networking organizations.

Time. Integrative Change requires less time than other networking organizations which often place unrealistic times demands on its members. IC meetings take place on a monthly basis.

Like-Minded Professionals. One of the most common, and exhausting, struggles for health professionals in attending local business networking organizations is the lack of education, understanding and even resistance people can have to receiving health services. Integrative Change is an instant community of like-minded health practitioners who already understand the value of your services; this makes it much easier to build lasting relationships and therefore give and receive referrals.

What is “Helper’s Reward”?

This is the concept that the more you give you the more you receive. This is true in all of life and is a Core Value of Integrative Change. You may benefit in ways that you never expected. “Helper’s Reward” is a long-term strategy of cultivating trusting professional relationships and a way of life, not a way to make a “quick buck”.

What can I expect at the meetings?

IC meetings include a combination of: open networking, facilitated member “commercials” in which you discuss your services, in-depth member presentations and practice-building education.

When and how often are the meetings held?

Each chapter has quarterly meetings. You are welcome to attend any IC meeting! The dates are set for the entire year so you can prioritize them. Each meeting is facilitated by the Chapter Director and is a professional luncheon in a private dining room. Each member has an opportunity to discuss their services, promote their practice and network with other professionals.

Can I visit a meeting before I apply to the Network?

Visitors are allowed to visit one meeting before applying for membership. Keep in mind that applications are treated on a “first-come, first-serve” basis. It is recommended that you apply as quickly as possible so as not to lose the category you want to represent. If you are planning to be a “Taker”–ie. you are planning to attend the meeting, promote yourself and take contacts without a genuine interest in membership–then please do not attend our meetings. Our Network is built on Helpers Reward and professionalism, so please do not attend if you do not hold these values.