Frequently Asked Questions

Is psychotherapy confidential?

Information discussed in the therapy setting is held confidential and not shared without written permission except under certain circumstances.

How is psychotherapy different than talking to a friend/family member?

A psychotherapist listens to you objectively, with as little bias as possible. A psychotherapist is trained to listen in a special way, ensure your privacy, and clinically treat mental health issues that family and friends may not understand.

How do I get the most out of therapy?

  • Commit to a minimum number of sessions
  • Set at least one goal
  • Be honest and talk freely especially if it is uncomfortable or painful
  • Don’t withhold contradictory thoughts or feelings
  • Face the difficult stuff
  • Apply what you learn in the session to your daily life
  • Write down your dreams
  • Share your successes and accomplishments
  • Be on time

What is the difference between psychotherapy and psychiatry?

A psychiatrist is going to treat your symptoms through medications. Psychotherapy will help you resolve the root cause of your symptoms and learn different skills. Depending on the issue, a combination of both psychotherapy and psychiatric treatment is often the best approach. Psychotherapists and psychologists do not prescribe medication.

Do you accept insurance plans?

This depends on the professional in the Therapist Network. If you are interested in working with Brad Kerschensteiner, LMFT, please be aware that he does note accept insurance. However your plan may recognize him as an out of network provider in which case he can provide you with a statement of services which you can file as a claim with your insurance carrier.

Please be aware that if you decide to involve your insurance company in your treatment, they may require information from you and/or us about the treatment. Confidentiality is highly crucial to our work as a therapist therefore, we always ask for your written permission before releasing any information to your insurance company. We also always strive to release the absolute minimum amount of information that will meet the company’s requirements.

Can you provide referrals to other health professionals if I need one?

Yes. Brad is the founder of a reputable health and wellness professional network, Integrative Change, Inc. Go to to search by specialty or call him directly if you are needing more help.