Free signed copy of The Rough Guide to Psychology for the 2,000,000th visitor to the Digest blog

The Digest blog visitor count is currently on 1,958,929 and fast approaching the two million mark. To celebrate, I’m offering a free signed copy of The Rough Guide to Psychology to the 2,000,000th visitor, who should arrive within the next few weeks, depending on traffic to the blog. I’ll tweet some reminders as the target draws nearer.

If the 2,000,000th visitor is you, to claim your prize you’ll need to make a note of the time and take a screen grab of the Digest blog with the visitor counter plum on the 2,000,000 mark. Email your screen-grab & the timing (this is to prevent cheating) to christianjarrett[@] with the subject line “two million”.

If the 2,000,000th visitor remains elusive, I’ll send the book to the next closest after the two million mark. So if you’re near, take a screen-grab and timing and try your luck. The counter is in the right-hand column at the bottom of a box that looks like the pic shown on the right. For tacticians hoping to land on the two millionth visitor spot, there’s a red icon on the left of the Digest screen that shows you how many people are currently on the site. Also, note that there has to be a 20 minute gap for the same IP address (the identifier for a particular computer) to be counted as a new visitor. Good luck.