FAQ: Current Members


  1. Complete the required New Member or New Partner Orientation:
    • Join the private Facebook page “IC Bulletin Board”. All IC communications happen here including event registration, new member announcements, etc.
    • Register for the next IC meetings. Click here.
    • Complete your 360 Business Assessment. Click here.

What are the annual fees?

All the Annual Rates are under Membership Info/Annual Rates section.

When is my renewal date?

You renewal date is one year from the start of your membership date. You will be contacted by IC reminding you to submit your membership renewal dues. Keep in mind that if you submit your renewal after two weeks, a 5% charge will apply. This is detailed in the Membership Agreements section.

How do I edit my website profile?

If you would like to update the content or photo of your member profile, simply email us the changes and we will update it for you.

Where is the current list of open categories?

Please go the IC homepage and click on the Search by Specialty filter and then click on the specific category you are inquiring about. If you are looking for a category or wanting to create a category that is not there, please contact IC directly. If you still have questions, please contact IC via email.

What happens in the meetings?

Each Integrative Change meeting is facilitated by the local Chapter Director. At the beginning of the meeting, there is typically “open networking” where you can socialize with other members and visitors. The Chapter Director will then facilitate a conversation about different topics related to business networking as well as give everyone a chance to speak about their services and what is a good referral for them. Time at the end of the meeting is usually reserved for questions, testimonials and announcements.

What if I want to bring a Visitor to a meeting?

Yes you are encouraged to bring as many visitors to the meetings as you can as long as it doesn’t conflict with the category of another member for their region. A visitor is allowed to visit one meeting before they are asked to apply.

What are some tips for making the Integrative Change Network work for me?

  1. Have a “Helpers Reward” attitude. Focus on helping other members and you will see a great return.
  2. Attend all the meetings. Dress professionally, be ready to help each other and promote your services in a clear manner.
  3. Complete the 360 Business Assessment. This includes two coaching sessions to help you set goals and strategize appropriately for your practice.
  4. Meet with all IC members 1:1. This is the best way to learn more about each other’s services in more detail. 1:1s typically lead to increased referrals.
  5. Check the Networking Tools section of the website for educational tools and tips:https://www.integrativechange.com/index.php/current-members/networking-tools
  6. Check your emails from IC so you can be aware of updates, new member announcements, etc.
  7. Use the IC Bulletin Board as a way to stay connected to other members between the meetings.

What if I have feedback on how to improve the membership experience or meetings?

Suggestions are always welcome. Please contact your Chapter Director and/or submit your feedback on the “Current Members/Feedback Form” section of the IC website.