Effective Stress Management


Recommended Professionals: James Rohr, Dr. George Munoz, Tamar Gold

It is a fact that every human being deals with stress – whether it be occasionally or, unfortunately for some, daily. His boss’ demanding assignments, arguments with his partner, and even mere traffic jams in the bustling city, among others, certainly contribute to the amount of stress an individual experiences.

Stress is defined as the force or the combination of forces which produces anxiety in a person. Stress can be classified as psychological, physical, and emotional. Oftentimes, frustration and various events that pressure an individual cause it. Severe instances of stress happen when there are numerous concerns that a person is anxious to deal with.

The following are some of the most widely-known yet still the most effective ways in overcoming stress:

1.    Exercise. Aside from promoting overall fitness, regular exercise such as a fifteen-minute brisk walk at a suburban park helps in managing anxieties as it takes a person’s focus away from a stressful setting.
2.    Have a well-balanced diet. Healthy eating is proven to increase one’s ability in dealing with problems. The inclusion of green leafy vegetables and vitamin-enriched sources of carbohydrates like wheat bread in an individual’s diet promotes good digestion and healthy mind.
3.    Get in touch with your loved-ones. Numerous studies show that individuals who participate in family gatherings, class reunions, church activities, and simple regular meetings with close friends experience less stress compared to those who do not.
4.    Sleep early. People who sleep for less than 8 hours are proven to have difficulties in dealing managing daily stress. So stop the habit of surfing the Net up until midnight if it causes you to go to bed late.
5.    Practice the guided-imagery method which is the use of relaxing images in calming a person’s mind and body.

Daily activities can be overwhelmingly stressful that is why relaxation and stress management techniques are significant for today’s generation. Instead of letting it lunge at you everyday, why not avoid stress by being kind towards yourself. So when you have enough time, don’t forget to stop and relax.