Coping with Grief & Loss


Recommended Professional: Joan Childs

Moving on is most difficult when we have lost our loved ones. People say “time heals all wounds” but there are times that moving forward and forgetting the past are things that cannot be done easily. When we lost someone, it is like we also lost a part of us. From there, we start to live our empty lives, wishing we can have memory erasers so that we can easily forget the grief and move forward.

Acceptance Takes Time
Grief is a process that requires acceptance and healing. To recover from it, we should accept the loss itself. Realizing that we can never have back what we lost, we can forget about it and go on with our lives. But accepting everything does not happen overnight. It is a long process that we have to work on with time. After all, grief is like a ghost that keeps haunting us, along with the memories. Acceptance takes time and we have to be patient enough to achieve this.

Holding Our Feelings Back Won’t Help
While acceptance is already achieved, we still have to handle our grief. Just because we already accept the loss does not mean we are already done with grieving. Mental health care professionals suggest that expressing our grief is one of the most helpful ways to work through mourning. Holding our feelings back will only lead to suppression, which does not help. In times like this, crying is the best way to express ourselves and release all our negative emotions. When released, we can feel our burdens lighter.

Getting Up From Bed
After days of mourning, we eventually get tired of it and realize that there is still a life ahead of us. We remember that we still have family, friends and relatives, just waiting for us to notice them again. It would be shameful for us when we realize that we only spent most of our times alone, crying and grieving for something that may never come back. Having these realizations will bring us back to our old shape again, encouraging us to move forward and take a sip of pleasure again. Through this, we are going to believe that life is not meant to be traveled backwards.

Doing the Things We Love
Lastly, doing the things that we find interesting and challenging will help us recover from our grief faster. If we do the things we love, we will not have so much time to think about the past. Keeping busy with our renewed life will make us go on without those memories that haunted us for a long time. We are able to be happy again and weave new dreams. Patience, determination and faith are the keys to getting over easily from grief.