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Testimonials from Members

Jonathan Bell CEO/Founder WANT LLC.

As a 50 year old small business owner, feeling like my career was at a crossroads, I embarked on a 6 month coaching role with Brad Kerschensteiner.
Brad began with a series of personality testing exercises which provided immediate insight, clarity and personal value on how I think, act and behave.
Over the course of my coaching, Brad was hugely instructive not just in helping me define my role as a business owner but also in helping to coach me through some thorny personnel issues.
Brad was always organized and disciplined in his approach with a clear plan for every session. Yet, when things deviated due to a pressing issue I wanted to discuss, our sessions were always flexible enough to accommodate change. Further, during every session, Brad would offer guidance and additional resources: books, articles, and organizations that would be personally helpful to augment the sessions. I would strongly recommend Brad regardless of what stage you might be in career-wise. He’s smart, empathetic, analytic and strategic.

Michelle Alva (Energy Healer, Miami)

I recently had a 360 phone session with Brad which was extremely helpful for my business on many levels. I received lots of great ideas and suggestions on how to strengthen my areas of weakness in regards to my business. Brad provided me with different ways to bring out more of what I wish in my work. I now have the tools to take the next step in increasing my referral sources and how to approach networking.

Client Testimonial

“Meeting with Brad was like sitting with a guide who truly was able to illuminate where I’ve been, where I’m at, and where I’m going, professionally. As a Mental Health Professional with over 30 years of experience in the field, I was unexpectedly surprised in how and where my career is moving. Brad asked me a very profound question that I had never entertained previously. He asked me “What would I like to see as my [professional] legacy?” This simple question led to me look ahead 10 years from now and reflect back on how I wish to see my impact in the field of Mental Health. This question has lead to answers that have allowed me to make concrete changes that are now, hopefully, leading to my legacy! I am so grateful for his gentle wisdom and kind spirit.”

Tamar Gold

“Being part of the Integrative Change network has been great. I have met many colleagues and health care practitioners and having recently moved to Miami it has been a terrific way to establish contacts with other like-minded people. It has been an opportunity to learn from others about their work and meet them personally which will make it easier to make referrals to them in the future. Attending the networking meetings monthly allows me to gain understanding of each member’s practice and their specialties.

I am looking forward to building this community of health care practitioners that I know and doing so, will offer many ongoing options for referral and networking in the future. I recommend joining this group as an invaluable way to connect to other professionals in related fields to whom you can comfortably give and receive referrals!”

Tamar Gold
Energy Healing
North Miami, Fl

Lissa Nirenberg

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you…I would like to share with you my experience and my appreciation needs to be noted.

In just a few short months I have reconnected with one person I had met 13 years ago as well as other wonderful new professionals whom I respect and will think of when I am referring patients to their professions. I have also had some bookings for my holistic health center’s lecture room, as well as a couple of referrals which have come my way.

All this is much more than I ever expected from my membership and I would like to also mention that it is worth the price and the little bit of time spent at meetings which gives me the opportunity to meet other professionals, so that referring to them will be with me knowing I am giving my clients, friends and family the correct person for them to work with.”

Lissa Nirenberg
Doctor of Oriental Medicine/Acupuncturist
Coral Gables, FL

Inessa Freylekhman

“I moved to Miami from Seattle a year ago. I knew one person and was actively seeking a networking group to build my client base. I’d visited a few groups, but none of them were the right fit. Then I found Integrative Change. From the first meeting, I felt the warm, supportive presence of like minded people that were truly interested in helping one another, as well as making a difference in the world.

Joining IC was one of the best choices I’ve made since I moved to Miami. Not only are the people and food great at the meetings, but the contacts I’ve made have already helped me expand my network, acquire new clients and even find the perfect location to build my practice! The blessings have been numerous and the value I’ve received far exceeds the membership cost.”

Inessa Freylekhman, MA,
Feng Shui Expert,
Owner Feng Shui from the Heart.

Staci Schater, RD

I am new to the network, and at my first meeting I met a lot of great and talented professionals all in areas which are very relevant to what I do and the patients I see. That alone was so refreshing when compared to most networking groups around today. I see the number of connections and referrals to be much higher when networking within the healthcare community.
I must say that by the time the meeting was over, I already had a meeting set up with another medical professional to strategize working together. I am now working in his office seeing patients he has referred to me, and giving nutrition lectures. Signing up for this networking group is looking to be one of the best decisions I have made in building my practice!

Staci Schater, RD
Nutritionist (South Florida)