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Integrative Treatment Programs

The change process is never easy. We often don’t achieve our goals because we get “stuck” in old beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. This is precisely why it is important to have a solid plan in place and learn new skills in order to effectively overcome these blocks. Choosing an Integrative Program is a way to make this commitment to yourself and reach truly satisfying solutions.

These Integrative Programs are customized for highly-motivated clients who want to achieve specific results in a short amount of time.Each Integrative Program includes: specific treatment goals, a session-by- session outline, practical coping skills and take-home assignments, phone consultation during treatment, consultation with Integrative Team Members, optional follow-up therapy, and decreased session rates after completion of program.

A holistic, integrative approach will be used to meet your needs and goals. Each Integrative Program encompasses the most effective clinical tools that integrate Western and Eastern approaches.