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What is Integrative Medicine?


Recommended Professional: Dr. George Munoz, James Rohr, Tamar Gold

Integrative Medicine uses what it considers the best of both traditional Western medicine with alternative procedures, including non- Western medicine including acupuncture and acupressure, homeopathy, herbal, Reiki, Flower Essences, nutraceutical vitamins, and other nutritional supplements, etc.

Much of the common sense theory behind this approach is that while for certain life-threatening conditions one should immediately use the allopathic approach, it would be beneficial to stay away from the common pharmaceutical approach for many other symptoms and conditions

This is especially true for conditions like many colds and flu-like symptoms. While pharmaceuticals might quickly eliminate the symptoms, there is often a side-effect, because while symptoms are reduced, the root of the underlying condition still exists.

An alternative approach might be to endeavor to improve and enhance one’s immune system by taking certain supplements and vitamins, and changing certain lifestyle behaviors.
In many parts of the world, physicians will often recommend homeopathy and homeopathic remedies for these type of non-threatening ailments, because they work on building the body’s ability to be stronger and more immune to the underlying causes.

Many advocates of alternative, integrative, and wellness philosophy attest that they have observed that patients treated with Integrative Medicine are proven to seldom repeat exhibiting the same disorders or conditions such as colds.

Possibly, the real concern of Integrative Medicine is to convince people to returning to traditions of health and healing long thought obsolete due to our technological advances. With it, the promotion of essential, holistic, relationship-centered care in the contemporary society will no longer be impossible. This can only be accomplished best through developing good listening attitude, tolerance, and cultural fluency for the medicinal world’s sake.

Top Five Health Issues Among Women to Remember


Recommended Professional: Sofi Matz

Health issues such as gaining more energy for daily activities and losing unwanted fats are often asked by modern women. Normally, an American woman in her thirties becomes too concerned towards her family, relationships, and career that they often overlook the significance of monitoring their health.

A woman asking about her health should also know if she exhibits the symptoms of a disease and if they mild or severe. She should also know the proper diet and lifestyle she must have according to her age.

The following are five of the most frequently-discussed women’s health issues:
1.    Stroke. Diabetes and hypertension are the two most common causes of stroke among women as well as lack of exercise, and excessive work pressure. Working women are too busy that they are only able to give inadequate attention to their health leading to problems like hypertension. Though suffering from hypertension can never be avoided, a well-balanced diet, regular exercise, and proper medication are sure to help in controlling it.
2.    Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD). A common issue among women, FSAD is normally the reason for a woman’s vagina to have problems with lubrication due to damaged glands. In the penetration stage, the issue is that of an narrow vaginal canal, intact hymen, and inborn penetration phobia. In the orgasm stage, there are cases where all of the above three stages are being fulfilled and yet the woman is unable to reach an orgasm.
3.    Breast Cancer. Common nowadays, late marriage, less breast feeding, problems of over-weight and genetic factors, all make for a variety of reasons that heighten the risk of breast cancer in women. Regular check-ups could help one detect it. In preventing it, breast feeding, regular exercise, regular antioxidants-rich fruit intake should be promoted.
4.    Polycistic Ovarian Disease. Affecting about 5 to 10 per cent of women, it is a disorder in which there are many small cysts in the ovaries which can affect a woman’s ability to bear a child.
5.    Weight gain. The reasons lie in the complacency that sets in women. Being a wife normally makes women secrete the ‘feel good’ hormones that contribute in weight gain. Because of this, it is easier for working women to remain shapely due to the daily outdoor activities and travel that they do.

Learning the Psychological Needs of a Woman

Recommended Professional: Sofi Matz

The female human’s brain is so complex and mysterious. And for a man to get the girl of his dreams, he needs to know how a woman thinks and acts during courtship or mere conversations with the opposite sex. Some of the most basic psychological needs of a woman that can be of great help in wooing her are as follows:

1.    Instinctually, a woman has a psychological defense towards men and is naturally cautious towards them. No matter how good-looking or modish a man is, there is no guarantee that the woman he woos would surely be choosing him over an ugly or stupid one. So if you really want a girl, better be discreetly-modish when making yourself visible in front of her.
2.    Women love surprises and are craving to have a spontaneous life if they have a dull one.
3.    Women like exciting men who are good conversationalists. Remember to always make your subjective opinion towards any idea pervade your conversations with the woman you like.
4.    As a mature man, you must already know this: A woman loves real concern towards her.
5.    Women like frank men. Even if society tells them to be reserved when talking to men, women find straightforward guys difficult to turn down.
6.    Women are very secretive. Again, women have psychological defense towards men and are naturally cautious towards them. They are not comfortable at the thought that other people know their secrets. Know-it-all men certainly irritate them. Therefore, be humble yet clever in choosing the topics to bring-up in front of the woman you like. Also, be careful in mentioning her secrets if you know what they are.
7.    Most women lack freewill and self-government. That is why they particularly like men who are responsible, intelligent, passionate, and courageous. Sometimes, even impulsively and reckless men attract them a lot. Women dislike men who are shy, indecisive, and insecure. But if you are willing to exhibit your finest qualities to the girl of your dreams, keep in mind to avoid being the know-it-all guy every woman hates.

Effective Stress Management


Recommended Professionals: James Rohr, Dr. George Munoz, Tamar Gold

It is a fact that every human being deals with stress – whether it be occasionally or, unfortunately for some, daily. His boss’ demanding assignments, arguments with his partner, and even mere traffic jams in the bustling city, among others, certainly contribute to the amount of stress an individual experiences.

Stress is defined as the force or the combination of forces which produces anxiety in a person. Stress can be classified as psychological, physical, and emotional. Oftentimes, frustration and various events that pressure an individual cause it. Severe instances of stress happen when there are numerous concerns that a person is anxious to deal with.

The following are some of the most widely-known yet still the most effective ways in overcoming stress:

1.    Exercise. Aside from promoting overall fitness, regular exercise such as a fifteen-minute brisk walk at a suburban park helps in managing anxieties as it takes a person’s focus away from a stressful setting.
2.    Have a well-balanced diet. Healthy eating is proven to increase one’s ability in dealing with problems. The inclusion of green leafy vegetables and vitamin-enriched sources of carbohydrates like wheat bread in an individual’s diet promotes good digestion and healthy mind.
3.    Get in touch with your loved-ones. Numerous studies show that individuals who participate in family gatherings, class reunions, church activities, and simple regular meetings with close friends experience less stress compared to those who do not.
4.    Sleep early. People who sleep for less than 8 hours are proven to have difficulties in dealing managing daily stress. So stop the habit of surfing the Net up until midnight if it causes you to go to bed late.
5.    Practice the guided-imagery method which is the use of relaxing images in calming a person’s mind and body.

Daily activities can be overwhelmingly stressful that is why relaxation and stress management techniques are significant for today’s generation. Instead of letting it lunge at you everyday, why not avoid stress by being kind towards yourself. So when you have enough time, don’t forget to stop and relax.

Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Symptoms and Treatments


Known to parents who are already used to dealing with it, childhood ADD (attention deficit disorder) and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) exhibit themselves in different levels and varies from child to child. In years, medical practitioners have had great difficulties in providing the exact cause of attention deficit disorder. And even if many health specialists are now attesting that neurological issues cause ADD and ADHD among children, only one thing is for sure – they are disorders that are represented by major symptoms of hyperactivity, impulsiveness, and inattention.

There is a lot of symptoms of ADD and ADHD among children. Some are as follows:

1.    Overlook day-to-day activities

2.    Sudden distraction caused by irrelevant sounds and sights

3.    Excessive attention to a particularly-favored activity

4.    Clumsy mistakes in finishing schoolwork assignments

5.    Negligence towards personal things resulting to pencils, notebooks, and backpacks being lost.

6.    Reluctance in following instructions given by parents and teachers

7.    Difficulty in completing daily chores

ADD among girls normally causes have a tendency to daydream and usually only have problems paying attention in class, ADD-affected boys are more likely to be hyperactive. It is possible for one to acquire mild ADD that can be easily-handled. Some people have severe symptoms and problems that can impair their functioning greatly. Even severe ADD can, with effort, medication, and support, be managed effectively.

People with moderate to severe problems related to ADD should consider undergoing treatment with a professional experienced in ADD medication. Though medications can be of great help, counseling is often considered effective in dealing not only with the symptoms but also to school performance, attitude, and self-esteem.

One way for parents to help to their ADD-affected children is to undergo parent counseling. Learning how to effectively manage ADD-related problems is significant in helping a child cope with the mental disorder.

Divorce & Infidelity


Divorce & Infidelity

Recommended Professional: Manuel Gomez, Tania Paredes, Stan Hyman

It is not a very uncommon fact that most divorce cases are caused by infidelity. Aside from marital abuse, this is another common reason given by women who decided to get separated from their former husbands. But women who are planning to do such should remember that each person is a unique individual. They shouldn’t let their inexperienced family members and friends tell them what to do.

If you are somebody who is planning to file divorce against your adulterous husband, then the following questions to yourself will surely be of great help:

1.    Is this the first time that your husband has cheated on you? Understand that men, like women, commit unintended mistakes. But if your husband has already committed infidelity more than once, then necessary divorce papers should be on your hands right now. But you should still weigh the circumstances.

2.    If your husband is weak against other women’s temptations, do you have the ability to still trust him despite this trait of his?

3.    And if you can still trust him despite your husband’s unfaithfulness, ask yourself if he is doing everything to regain your faith.

4.    Does your husband truly regret his infidel ways? Men are normally apologetic when they are caught cheating on their wives. The problem is that most of them just blame themselves and doesn’t take the necessary steps to correct their ways.

5.    If your husband has already apologized to you, know if he blames you for his unfaithfulness. Why? Because studies show that a person’s habit of blaming others for his own mistakes will not help him be mature in dealing with his loved-ones.

6.    Did your husband infect himself with a sexually-transmitted disease caused by having sex with another woman? Though this is not a strong ground for you to file divorce against him, ask yourself first if it is alright with you to make love with an STD-infected spouse.

    Keep in mind that before filing divorce against your husband, know first if you and your husband are willing to work things out to save your relationship. And even if learning to forgive is not a difficult task, listening to your heart’s will is still the best way to care for yourself.

What is healthy sex?


By Dr. Carol Clark

Recommended Professional: Dr. Carol Clark, Tania Paredes, Stan Hyman, Sofi Matz

Many people question what is normal, or healthy, sex and what is not, usually because something about their sex lives is not feeling quite right for them.  While I can define “normal” as within the bell curve of what most people do, that really doesn’t address what is motivating them to ask the question.

In my sex therapy practice, I focus on the concept of intimacy, which I define as complete connection and openness between people.  We hear the phrase “fear of intimacy” quite often and it resonates for many of us, but what does it truly mean?  I define it as that fear of not allowing another person to truly see us as we are, only to see as much of us as feels safe, because if they really knew us, they would reject us.  True intimacy is that trust that allows us to believe that we are loveable, good enough, important and worthy.  

People often use sex as a short cut to intimacy.  They believe that because they are wildly aroused by the other person and are sharing their bodies, they are being intimate, but it is easy to give oneself to another in passion yet withhold one’s true self.  When passion wanes, couples may be left with an emptiness that they translate into a loss of intimacy and so they seek sex therapy in order to recover that passion that makes them feel connected.

In fact, that short cut to intimacy is a dead end.  Instead, when true intimacy develops between couples, then sex can be one of many ways to express that intimacy, and how people have sex becomes secondary to the meaning.

Healthy sex is intimate sex.  It happens when people are fully open and present with each other.  It is an expression of true connection.

McKenzie Physical Therapy


By Dr. Yoav Suprun

Also known as Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), the McKenzie Method is a philosophy of active patient involvement and education for back, neck and extremity problems. The method was invented by the world renowned physical therapist,  Robin McKenzie.

The key distinction is its initial assessment component—a safe and reliable means to accurately reach a diagnosis and only then make the appropriate treatment plan.
The big difference between McKenzie therapy and other forms of therapy is the education of the patient in self-treatment and thus requires on average less visits. Patients learn to treat themselves as well as prevent future recurrence of common aches and pains.
Good McKenzie practitioners give simple and logical explanations regarding neck, back and extremities problems, thoroughly educate their patients and address common misconceptions related to choices of exercises for healthy living.

Visit the profile for Dr. Yoav Suprun (cross link here) who specializes in McKenzie Physical Therapy. See him live on CBS:

Weight Management 101

Recommended Professional: MPR Nutrition, Jennifer Nardozzi, Claudia Pimentel

Nutrition and weight management are key factors of a healthy lifestyle. Managing one’s weight is not easy for one cannot be so fat, and one cannot be so thin. This is why many health conscious individuals enroll in different health programs. But one can manage his weight just by simply determining his needs to achieve his goal of a proper weight with sufficient nutrition.

If one is naturally thin, a proper weight gain diet is crucial. To gain healthy lean muscle mass, one should be wary of the specific food he eats everyday. Consuming more calories than one expends is a way of gaining weight. Any weight gain diet should contain nutritious and high calorie foods.

Also, other nutrients like protein, carbohydrate and fat are also important to achieve muscle gain. Good sources of protein include fish, meat, chicken turkey and low fat milk. Without adequate protein, amino acids muscle gain will be hard to achieve. Carbohydrate is also important because it can supply one’s body with immediate source of energy which is essential for any type of training. Moreover, certain dietary fats are important to both well being and one’s ability to gain weight. Eating foods like tuna and salmon does not only help build muscle but also keep a person live longer.

Gaining weight also means being conscious with what and how much we eat. Eating five or six small meals a day is a good approach of gaining weight effectively. Another important thing to do is to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables since they are the richest source of vitamins and minerals. Having a grasp of an effective weight gain diet can help one achieve his weight goals.

On the other hand, losing weight is also a task that is difficult to accomplish. To achieve lighter body mass, one should do the opposite of what a weight gainer does. One of these is eating fewer calories and foods that are high in fat and sugar. If one eats more calories than his body uses, the extra calories is stored as body excess fat.

In losing weight, one can eat three regular meals and one snack everyday. Knowing how often one should eat contributes in one’s dietary achievements. Anyhow, taking diet drugs can help in losing weight but one should be wary of the supplements he takes because some diet pills have not been tested by the Food and Drug Administration. Managing one’s weight always takes careful considerations; this should be done with vigor, consistency and determination.

Mindful Eating: Minding What We Eat, Eating What We Mind


Recommended Professional: Jennifer Nardozzi, Claudia Pimentel, Sofi Matz, MPR Nutrition

Satisfying our taste buds is one of the most passionate ways of treating ourselves. Eating has always been fun and challenging. Devouring a variety of foods and ingesting our favorite drink is such a pleasurable thing to do. But have we ever asked ourselves this question: “Do I think about what I eat?”

Eating with attention can be difficult for us especially when we are a busy person. For persons who are used to multitasking, eating is just one of those activities that need to be done everyday. Being busy does not give us the time and the opportunity to ponder about what we eat.

When we are eating mindfully, we are paying attention to the color, smell, texture, flavor and sound of our food. It is also paying attention to the mind. While doing this, we can notice how eating affects our mood and how our emotions influence our eating. To understand what, why, when and how we eat, we should be compassionate and judgmental.

Being conscious about what we eat, how much we eat and how we eat are important factors in achieving a healthy lifestyle. When we choose what we eat with caution and attention, it allows us to have satisfaction and fun without eating to excess. Mindful eating helps us experience the difference between physical satisfaction and fullness.

Moreover, mindful eating is one of the successful approaches to weight loss and techniques for meditation and stress relief. It is also recommended by weight loss coaches and diet books. The simple step that we can take to develop mindful eating to our regular meals is to eat without engaging in other activities. It is important to focus our attention to eating to achieve the satisfaction and fulfillment brought by mindful eating.

By experiencing the increased pleasure from mindful eating, we may be motivated to become more mindful during other activities, too. This is going to boost our energy and increase our interests about various things. Mindful eating can also provide us enjoyment and effectiveness in everything we do.