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Brad Kerschensteiner

Work performance, leadership and the “bottom line” of a business all depend on the mental and emotional health of its employees. As a licensed and well-trained psychotherapist, Brad Kerschensteiner specializes in helping businesses and organizations navigate the change process and improve from the “inside out”. He uses tools and techniques that not only work but help create enduring change.

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Rates and Forms

Individual Therapy

  • Session: $185 (50 minutes)


  • Session: $185 (50 minutes) or $275 (75 minutes)


  • Please contact Brad directly at 786-201-4543 to discuss your coaching needs. A detailed quote will be provided.

Case Management Services

$100/hr (Includes coordination with inpatient addiction treatment services, between drug treatment interventionist and family members; and with outpatient integrative health providers.)  

*Initial Evaluation must be paid via Paypal prior to session in order to confirm
appointment. Phone, Skype, and extended sessions available upon request.

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Change Management

Change is an inevitable part of any business especially in today’s fickle economy. However, change can also present challenges and obstacles that if positively embraced, can help a company grow and create stronger emotional bonds with clients. This training will help participants learn how to effectively navigate the change process by learning communication and team building skills. Employees will be guided through the well-known ADKAR change management model which outlines five specific stages that must be realized in order for a company to successfully change. Educational lecture, group discussion and experiential exercises will be used to facilitate learning and accomplish training objectives.

Improving Emotional Intelligence(EQ)

Research has repeatedly demonstrated that individuals with a higher Emotional Intelligence (EQ) prove to be more effective in business than those individuals with a lower EQ. In fact, some studies show that EQ is more important than pure intellect and expertise alone when it comes to work performance.  One of the best vehicles for improving EQ and thus, boosting your work performance is the Enneagram personality system.

This training combines lecture, experiential exercises, and goal setting. Participants will:

  • Complete an Enneagram personality assessment
  • Identify the strengths and blind-spots of your personality style
  • Target specific areas of EQ that need to be improved
  • Learn the 16 types of EQ
  • Improve Self Awareness: learn to read one’s own emotions and recognize their impact while using gut feelings to guide decisions
  • Improve Self-Management: learn to control one’s emotions, impulses, and adapt to changing circumstances
  • Improve Relationship Management: learn the ability to inspire, influence and develop others while managing conflict
  • Improve Social Awareness: learn the ability to sense, understand and react to other’s emotions while comprehending social networks
  • Create a customized action plan to help you improve your EQ
  • Learn coping skill skills and strategies to help you boost your EQ

Click here to see available research on EQ.