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Bradley Kerschensteiner, LMFT and President of Integrative Change, Inc. is available to provide Business Training services in the following areas.

Stress Management Photo


Stress Management PhotoHalf-day or Full-day Team Training

Research has repeatedly shown that employee stress severely impacts a company’s bottom line and is correlated with poor work performance, absenteeism, increased litigation, grievances, accidents, errors of judgment, interpersonal conflict and loss of intellectual capital.
To compete in the 21st century and improve the bottom line, companies must have an effective stress management program.
  • Personalized Stress Self-Assessment
  • Preventing Burnout
  • Individual Action Plan
  • Stress, the brain and mental health
  • Coping skills to neutralize stress
  • Practical relaxation practices
  • Role of positive lifestyle choices
  • Strategies to manage Performance Stress
  • Techniques to improve boost productivity, flow and creativity


Emotional Intelligence Photo


Emotional Intelligence PhotoHalf-day or Full-day Team Training

Employees with high Emotional Intelligence (EQ) have a direct positive impact on the bottom-line. EQ trainings are crucial to creating high performance executives and teams. In analyzing data from 40 different corporations to differentiate star performers from average performers, emotional competencies were found to be twice as important in contributing to excellence as pure intellect and expertise.
This training will help participants determine their EQ score, target specific areas of EQ to improve, and develop proven strategies to boost their EQ.
  • Understand business benefits of EQ and its biological basis
  • EQ Self-Assessment
  • 4 Core EQ Skills
  • Proven Strategies to improve EQ
  • Understand one’s own emotions and gut feelings
  • Control one’s emotions, impulses and adapt to changing circumstances
  • Ability to inspire, influence, and develop others while managing conflict
  • Understand and react to others’ emotions while comprehending social networks.


Click here to see available research on EQ.



Optimizing Team Performance

This application focuses on improving individual and team behavior.

Training Objectives include:

  • Creating self-organizing and high-performing teams
  • Cultivating team flow, creativity and flexibility
  • Improving communication, trust and transparency
  • Leveraging individual strengths and minimizing blind-spots
  • Understanding and improving group dynamics

Improving Communication

Problems in communication is the most common reason that businesses need Enneagram training services. The Enneagram is a sophisticated and high-impact tool for improving communication.

Training Objectives include:

  • Increasing understanding the differences of one’s communication style
  • Building trust and transparency
  • Improving conflict resolution skills
  • Enhancing the strengths and minimizing the blind-spots of one’s Enneagram-based communication style
  • Learning how to give and receive constructive feedback


Executive Coaching Photo


Executive Coaching PhotoHalf-day, Full-day Team Training or Team-Building retreats

Leverage your strengths and overcome your natural blindspots is critical to improving leadership.
This training guides participants through the Awareness to Action™ (A2A) process that is commonly used in corporate and business environments. A2A consists of a practical three-step process that guides participants from initial insights regarding their personality into practical, everyday applications to accelerate their performance and leadership. Among the organizations and businesses that have benefited from the Enneagram are Walt Disney, Hewlett Packard, Sony, Johnson & Johnson, the Federal Reserve Bank, and even the CIA.
  • In-depth Personality Assessment
  • The 9 Leadership Strategies & 3 Instincts
  • Adaptive Leadership Principles
  • Performance Improvement Strategies
  • Personal Action Plan



Other personality systems, such as Meyers-Briggs, DISC, Predictive Index, are helpful, however they tend to be impractical and cumbersome in their application. These systems focus primarily on surface-level personality traits, therefore failing to address the core motivations and dynamics of one’s personality type which are absolutely critical to understand in order to create sustainable organizational change.

The Enneagram is also completely unique in that it provides an actual roadmap to successfully navigate the change process, including making positive shifts in one’s behavior, thoughts and belief system. Participants not only have increased awareness of their strengths and weaknesses but are shown practical, hands-on tools that can dramatically boost their work performance, communication and leadership.



The Enneagram is perhaps the most effective training approach in ensuring organizational change and a business’s success. In an international benchmark report (The Enneagram In Business Network, 2011), the top three applications of the Enneagram were identified by businesses as important to their success: Communication, Leadership and Team Building. All trainings are facilitated by Brad Kerschensteiner who combines his unique skill set as a licensed psychotherapist, workshop facilitator, and business owner to his work as an Enneagram trainer for businesses (for full Bio, click About Us/The Team). Review the Applications below and contact us direct at 786-201-4543.