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Membership Agreements

  1. I agree to attend at least four meetings per year. I also understand that I am expected to have a substitute (e.g. colleague, office manager, etc.) represent my services in the meetings if I cannot attend. I understand that it is important that my category and services be represented in each meeting. I understand that not meeting these requirements and expectations can jeopardize the status of my membership with Integrative Change. I understand that my yearly attendance will be tracked by IC.
  2. I agree to only promote my “category” in the meetings and respect the categories of other members. 
  3. I agree to complete the New Member Orientation.
  4. I understand that I must pre-register for all IC events on the IC website under “Upcoming Event”. This helps IC effectively coordinate these events, track attendance, and provide you with a payment invoice.
  5. I understand that I can bring a visitor to any of the meetings as long as it doesn’t conflict with an existing IC member. I understand that my visitor is allowed to attend a maximum of one 1 IC meeting after which point they must submit their on-line application. 
  6. I understand the importance of providing and attending clinical trainings with other IC members. Although I am not required to attend or provide these trainings, I understand that this is an opportunity to educate others about my specialty and to contribute to the network. If I do provide a training, I will be responsible for providing all training material. All revenue goes to IC as this is a discounted training for members and because IC will be providing the facility, coordinating logistics and sponsoring the trainer.
  7. I understand that subscription to the monthly IC newsletters is mandatory as this is the primary way information is given to members and partners.
  8. I understand the importance of providing and seeking clinical consultation with other practitioners within IC. I understand that this enables me to provide a higher quality of treatment to my clients as well as enhance my professional skills.
  9. I am willing to embrace a “Helpers Reward” philosophy. I realize that the more I selflessly support and refer potential clients to other IC members, that my practice will grow as well.
  10. I am willing to refer clients, whose issues are beyond the scope of my practice, to other IC practitioners. I am willing to accept referrals from other IC members.
  11. I am willing, although not required, to periodically contribute published pieces to the “Articles” section on the Integrative Change website. Appropriateness of content will be left to the discretion of IC.
  12. I understand that IC is not responsible for legally handling any complaints from a patient towards an iC member. However IC does reserve the right to speak with, and possibly terminate the contract of, the IC member if a patient complaint is made to IC about the practitioner they were referred to by IC.
  13. I agree to the yearly membership fee; this Investment is non-refundable. I understand that I will pay for myself, not Integrative Change, for the networking events, which is typically a professional luncheon or professional meeting. 
  14. IC acknowledges and confirms that my membership in IC will not expose me to malpractice or other liability for the actions or inactions of IC or of any other members of IC. IC is not responsible for any illegal or unethical actions of any of its members.
  15. I understand that this contract will be reviewed by IC every six months for the first year of membership. IC reserves the right to terminate the contract if the member is not in good standing with the agreements outlined in this form. I understand that I also have the option to terminate my contract with IC at any point.
  16. I understand that if I move offices or open a second office that is in conflict with another Network member in the same category (e.g. Anxiety) that I may not promote this office address on the IC website. You have the option of switching categories however this must be discussed with IC first. 
  17. I agree to link on my professional website. Cross-linking improves the visibility of the website. You will be sent the official IC seal.
  18. I agree that all materials, handouts, etc. provided to me are property of Integrative Change, Inc. and are not available for distribution among non-members of the IC Network.
  19. If I am facilitating a professional or therapeutic workshop, seminar or training within my category, I am permitted to send this information to IC who will send an email blast to the IC Network. IC will not publish or market the services of non-members including training, consultation or clinical services. 
  20. I agree that Banner Ads purchased and placed on the IC homepage must follow the ad specifications as outlined by IC.
  21. I agree to never disclose patient information via public listserve (“IC Bulletin Board”). I understand that  if I am making an announcement about my services, this MUST pertain to my category. 
  22. I understand that Founding Members consist of the first ten practitioners who start a new regional chapter. FM’s receive a discount on their first year of membership; the rate returns to the regular annual rate during the second year of membership. The membership start date for a FM begins when the first monthly meeting is held for that region; therefore, if you pay your membership dues in January 2012 and the meeting begins in March 2012, then the beginning of your membership technically begins March 2012 (and thus, your renewal in March 2013). If the FM’s group does not come together within six months then you have the option of being refunded in full or waiting until the FM’s group is finalized.
  23. Refer a Member Reward Program. I agree that if I refer a health professional who joins Integrative Change, I will receive 10% of their annual membership fee. I understand that I must have this new member submit the on-line application, which must be reviewed and approved by the IC Membership Committee. I understand that I will receive this payment in the form of a check after the new members application has been submitted and approved. 
  24. Membership Renewal Guidelines
    1. At the beginning of your membership, you will be notified about your renewal date. You will also be notified by IC at least two weeks prior to this renewal deadline. All members must submit payment and complete the brief Renewal Application (under “Current Members”) in order to be current with any of the updated membership benefits and agreements. IC requests that you complete this renewal application at least one week prior to your renewal deadline in order to allow adequate time for processing of your application.
    2. If your renewal application and/or payment is two weeks or more past due, you will be charged a 5% late fee (e.g. if your annual membership rate is $250 you will be charged a late fee of $12.50) and charged a 10% late fee if it is one month or more past due. If your renewal application and/or payment is past due, you understand that you put your membership status in jeopardy. Exceptions are to be discussed with IC directly.
    3. Members are not allowed to temporarily suspend their membership and then rejoin. That member must wait a minimum of six months before they are allowed to rejoin the IC Network. Members understand that during this six month grace period, that their profile will be removed from the IC website and they will lose all membership privledges, including attending quarterly meetings. 

Membership Agreements are subject to change. Member’s will be notified by IC of any major changes in these agreements. If a member has a conflict with any specific agreement or it was not an existing agreement at the time the membership application was submitted, then this will be handled on a case-by-case basis directly with IC.

Annual Rates: South Florida

Annual rates below apply to one category per region (e.g. Acupucturist/Broward County). As a South Florida member, you will be the exclusive representative for your category based on your geographic region, which presently includes: Dade, Broward and Palm Beach county. Each category can be split into two members per county (e.g only two Acupuncturists maximum can represent Broward county; these practitioners must geographically not overlap in order to eliminate competition between members). 

Please contact us at 786-201-4543 if you are interested in listing more than 3 locations or you don’t see your category below. We can also create new categories when appropriate. If you are a mental health professional and interested in listing a Banner Ad on the home page, this must specify your location and category in order to prevent overlap with other members.  


Annual Rate



Rate w/ 

Banner Ad



Rate for Two Locations

SOLO PRACTITIONERS (Medical, Mental & Alternative Health) $250 $300 $400

Annual Rates: New York



Annual Rate


Rate w/ Banner Ad


Rate for 2 Locations

SOLO PRACTITIONERS (Medical, Mental Health & Alternative Health) $300 $350 $500
MEDICAL, FITNESS, and EDUCATIONAL CENTERS (multiple practitioners) 


Included $750

Annual Rates: San Francisco


Annual Rate

Rate w/ Ad


Founding Member Rate

Psychotherapists, Psychologists $375 $575 $175/375
Psychiatrists $500 $700 $250/500
Outpatient Mental Health/Partial Hospitalization $750 $950 $325/750
Inpatient Drug/Alcohol Treatment Center $1250 Included $$750
Solo Nutritionist, Massage, Medical Massage, Personal Trainer, Energy Healer, Yoga/Pilates Teacher, Doula, Geriatric Care Manager $375 $575 $187/375
Solo Acupuncturist, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, Speech Pathologist, Fitness Center, Exercise Physiologist, Private Nurse, Interventionist, Business/Executive Coach $475 $675 $237/475
Fitness Center, Yoga Studio, Pilates Studio (one location) $575 Included $287
Medical Doctor, Dentist, Homeopath, Naturopathic Doctor (solo practitioner) $675 $875 $337/675
Outpatient Medical/Health Center $1250-2450 Included $750-1950


Membership Benefits

  1. Exclusive Access. You gain access to an exclusive network of health professionals who are committed to helping your practice grow.
  2. Member Exclusivity. You will have “ownership” of a specific treatment category (e.g. Nutritionist) related to your specialty and geographic area. This is designed to eliminate competition and promote a spirit of collaboration among network members. You may apply to a maximum of two categories; if you want to represent more than two categories, this must be discussed with IC. IC reserves the rights to create new categories based on the unique needs of the region, including categories that are “technique-based” (e.g. Clinical Hypnosis), although typically categories are “diagnosis/issue based” (e.g. Trauma)
    1. South Florida. Each category may be subdivided within your county (e.g. Dade County) in order to cover more geographic territory. In other words, there may be one professional in north Dade and one in south Dade both whom own the “Nutritionist” category; this is designed to accommodate patients who cannot travel long distances. Inpatient treatment centers and outpatient clinics will “own” the category in their respective county.
    2. New YorkAs a member, you will be the exclusive representative for your category based on your geographic region, which presently includes: the Upper East Side (55th Street and above on the east side), Upper West Side (55th Street and above on the west side), Midtown (55th to 29th Streets both east and west) and Downtown (28th Street and below). In other words, another practitioner will not be allowed to represent your category (e.g. Nutrition) in the same geographic region.
  3. Diversified Referral Sources. As a member you greatly expand your sources of referrals, both direct patient referrals and Strategic referrals. Strategic Referrals are business contacts given to you by another member who can lead to direct patient referrals.
  4. Trusted Professionals. When you refer a patient to or colloaborate with another health practitioner in the IC Network you have peace of mind that you are working with a leading professional in their speciality. All applicants must complete a thorough on-line application, submit two professional references, and their application is reviewed by the IC Membership Committee.
  5. 360° Business Assessment. You will complete a complementary assessment of your practice helping you identify key areas of business growth and specific strategies. This is a unique and comprehensive business tool created by IC and exclusive to members. This also includes two hours/year of complementary consutlation. 
  6. Professional Development Tools. You will learn tools and tips on how to successfully market your business and take full advantage of the network. These tools are exclusive to network members.
  7. Networking Meetings. Integrative Change hosts professonal networking meetings throughout the year as an opportunity to meet other members, cultivate professional relationships and give/receive referrals. These dates are set for the year so you can plan accordingly.
  8. Exposure & Positioning
    1. Website Practitioner Profile. A customized profile will be created for your business and include in our on-line Practitioner Directory.
    2. Networking Meetings. You will be invited to the IC meetings, exclusive to members, highlighting you as an expert in your specialty, also allowing you an opportunity to give and receive referrals.
    3. Official IC Seal. You will receive the official Integrative Change seal to put on your website. This seal shows your affiliation with a reputable local organization as well as improves on-line search engine optimization.
    4. Home Page. You may choose to place an advertisement on the IC home page. See the Annual Rates for details. Ad specifications will be provided by IC. 
    5. Concierge Referral Services. IC can coordinate with your in-house referral services or serve as an external referral resource for your patients.
  9. Business Solutions. IC has affiliate partnerships with local businesses who provide valuable services to IC members’ practices. At IC monthly meetings, you have the opportunity to meet staff from these businesses, and learn how they can help. If you utilize their services, IC receives a nominal commission fee from these partners.
  10. IC Bulletin Board. You will be able to contact other members through IC’s listserve if you need a professional referral, want to make an announcement about your practice, or need a business service.
  11. Community & Consultation. You will be able to consult with other highly skilled professionals in the IC network. The IC network helps prevent practitioner burnout by offering you with a social and professional support system. Each member is available to offer consultation and advice so you can provide optimal patient care.
  12. Prevent Practitioner Burnout. Staying connected to other professionals and involved in community is essential for preventing burnout in the helping profession. Your membership is an effective way to practice self-care. 
  13. Refer a Member Reward Program. If you refer a health professional who joins Integrative Change, you will receive 10% of their annual membership fee. You must have this new member submit the on-line application, which has to be reviewed and approved by the IC Membership Committee. You will receive this payment in the form of a check after the new members application has been submitted and approved. You must be an active member to receive this benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my Annual Membership cost get me?

  1. Category Exclusivity. You will have “ownership” of a specific treatment category (e.g. Nutritionist) related to your specialty and geographic area. This is designed to eliminate competition and promote a spirit of collaboration among network members.
  2. Quarterly Networking Meetings. Integrative Change hosts a monthly professional networking event as an opportunity to meet other members, cultivate professional relationships and give/receive referrals. These dates are set for the year so you can plan accordingly.
  3. Diversified Referral Sources. As a member you greatly expand your sources of referrals, both direct patient referrals and Strategic referrals. You gain access to an exclusive network of health professionals who are committed to helping your practice grow.
  4. Professional Development Tools. You will learn tools and tips on how successfully market your business and take full advantage of the network. These tools are exclusive to network members, including the 360 Business Assessment.

As a member can I attend both chapter meetings?

Yes, this is encouraged as a way to expand your network of contacts and to give and receive referrals. You must pre-register for all meetings.

How is Integrative Change unique compared to other on-line directories?

Simplified Search: Our on-line directory completely streamlines the process of finding a local health professional. You will be directed to a leading local specialist (e.g. Anxiety) eliminating the stress of reading through countless practitioner profiles and preventing you from being matched with the wrong practitioner as commonly happens with current on-line directories (e.g Psychology Today, Good Therapy). We also provide a unique Concierge Referral service if you need more individualized assistance in finding the right practitioner.

Pre-Qualified Specialists: Our professionals are known for their specialty and considered to be experts in the field. They do not practice outside of their scope of training nor market themselves in this way. Other on-line directories use a “yellow- pages” approach blindly accepting any practitioner. We are more concerned about quality of care than quantity of members.

Rigorous Standards: All of our practitioners are thoroughly pre-screened. We usually only accept recommended practitioners. Simply being licensed does not qualify someone to join the Health Network. Each professional must be known for their clinical specialty, provide excellent quality of patient care, and regularly consult and collaborate with other professionals. The popular on-line directories claim to provide only qualified professionals, however they have no way of actually monitoring or enforcing these standards.

Real Relationships: The commonly used on-line directories do not actually know the professionals listed. At Integrative Change, we have created working relationships with all of our professionals and are actively committed to their professional development.

How do I choose a category especially if I treat many issues in my practice?

The idea is to choose a category based on the “sweet spot” in your practice. In other words, what issue are you really good at treating? The idea is for you to revolve your marketing efforts around your strength. This way people are more likely to remember what you do and typically you will attract other types of clients/cases as well (this is called the “halo effect”).

How is the Integrative Health Network different than other networking or professional organizations?

Business Development. Professional organizations related to your field or specific license involve meeting with other similar professionals for training or clinical purposes. IC is unique in that it focuses on helping you become a better business person and thus, grow your practice. It gives you the opportunity to network with professionals across a spectrum of health disciplines in a way that you actually stand out as a specialist in a non-competitive manner.

Cost. Integrative Change is less expensive than other networking organizations. Most professional networking organizations will cost a minimum of $1000/year, more than half of which includes unnecessary expenses such as meals and administrative fees.

Time. Integrative Change is ideal if you have work and/or personal commitments that prevent you from attending weekly meetings, commonly seen in other networking organizations. Like anything, the more time and energy you invest, the more you will benefit from the network. One of the most important ways you can stay committed is by taking time to get to know and build relationships with each of the network members. By building this trust and rapport, you will be more likely to receive referrals and comfortably give referrals to them. You are also strongly encouraged to attend local social events and trainings sponsored by Integrative Change, Inc.

On-Line Exposure. The IC website is specifically designed for consumers looking for health services. While you may receive a listing on other networking sites, it is unlikely that you will receive actual referrals from this. As an IC member, you receive a customized on-line profile and have the option of home-page advertising.

Like-Minded Professionals
. One of the most common, and exhausting, struggles for health professionals in attending local networking organizations is the lack of education, understanding and even resistance people can have to receiving health services. Integrative Change is an instant community of like-minded health practitioners who already understand the value of your services; this makes it much easier to give and receive referrals.

Where do the referrals come from?

There are three primary sources from which network members may receive a client:

On-line Practitioner Directory. Your profile, practice information and contact information will be featured. This directory is streamlined for the consumer and searchable by clinical/health specialty.

Members. As a network member you are encouraged to help each other’s practice grow by referring clients to one another, especially those that might be out of the scope of your practice. Please see the “Helpers Reward” section above. As a member, you are also encouraged to give “strategic referrals” to one another (i.e. a professional contact that may lead to client referrals).

Strategic Partners. These include local business professionals that have agreed to channel their referrals to the Integrative Change Network (e.g. Divorce Attorneys).

What if I receive a referral from the online directory that is not in my category?

You are expected to refer the patient to the appropriate professional within the respective category. It is important for the patient to know they are being referred to the specialist. If the patient is insistent on seeing you because of your location, rates, etc. then of course you will need to honor the patient’s request.

What is “Helper’s Reward”?

This is the concept that the more you give you the more you receive. This is true in all of life and is the core value of Integrative Change. You may benefit in ways that you never expected. “Helper’s Reward” is a long-term strategy of cultivating trusting professional relationships and a way of life, not a way to make a “quick buck”.

When and how often are the meetings held?

Meetings are held on a quarterly basis. The dates are set for the entire year so you can prioritize them. Some meetings are more structured, facilitated networking meetings while other gatherings are more informal and social. The meetings are held at various times and locations in order to accommodate as many members as possible. 

Can I visit a meeting before I apply to the Network?

Visitors are allowed to visit one meeting before applying for membership. Keep in mind that applications are treated on a “first-come, first-serve” basis it is recommended that you apply as quickly as possible so as not to lose the category you want to represent.


The Membership Application and professional references are reviewed by the President of Integrative Change and the Integrative Change Membership Committee.


The Integrative Health Practitioner Network


Thank you for your interest in joining Integrative Change, the only business Network in South Florida and New York City solely dedicated to Health and Wellness professionals. Your experience as a member will be completely unique and of great value to your practice. This exclusive network embraces an attitude of abundance and cooperation among professionals, breaking away from the unhealthy competitive mentality that has undermined the health industry.

  • Diversify your “word of mouth” referral sources
  • Participate in networking meetings with like-minded practitoners
  • Build lasting professional relationships
  • Enjoy community and collaboration
  • Learn professional development tools
  • Participate in an exclusive network of health providers


You must complete the on-line application if you are interested in joining. All of our members are screened to ensure quality and success of the network. Once your application is processed and reviewed, you will be contacted by Integrative Change. You are allowed to visit one meeting (see Current Members/Upcoming Events for details and required on-line registration) before you must submit an application. Please be sure that your clinical specialty doesn’t conflict with an existing member; check the “Find a Practitioner” above to see current members.


Integrative Change is an exclusive, by application-only network of leading health and wellness professionals in South Florida and New York City who offer specialized areas of expertise. Each professional recognizes the strengths of their own practice while also understanding its limitations.

  • Integrative Approach. That each member has the ability to go beyond the confines of a single-school approach in order to learn from other perspectives. The flexibility to go beyond a “one size fits all” approach in order to meet the needs of a client. That each member has an openness to alternative health modalities and paradigms while maintaining one’s critical thinking.
  • Clinical Expertise. That each member uses evidence-based practices, has advanced experience, training and expertise.
  • Helpers Reward.That each member will help other members through giving referrals, sharing resources and contacts, collaborating and consulting.
  • Community. That each member is willing to help build the IC community of practitioners for the purpose of preventing burnout and supporting others in the professional growth.
  • Professional Development. That each member understands the importance of developing their business professionalism, including business networking skills.
Integrative Change guarantees that as a member, you willbe empowered with high-impact, meaningful business relationships. In addition, IC will provide you with the necessary ingredients to have a successful networking experience. We do this using the 4Cs to Integrative Change success process: