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Brad Kerschensteiner

Work performance, leadership and the “bottom line” of a business all depend on the mental and emotional health of its employees. As a licensed and well-trained psychotherapist, Brad Kerschensteiner specializes in helping businesses and organizations navigate the change process and improve from the “inside out”. He uses tools and techniques that not only work but help create enduring change.

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Rates and Forms

Individual Therapy

  • Session: $185 (50 minutes)


  • Session: $185 (50 minutes) or $275 (75 minutes)


  • Please contact Brad directly at 786-201-4543 to discuss your coaching needs. A detailed quote will be provided.

Case Management Services

$100/hr (Includes coordination with inpatient addiction treatment services, between drug treatment interventionist and family members; and with outpatient integrative health providers.)  

*Initial Evaluation must be paid via Paypal prior to session in order to confirm
appointment. Phone, Skype, and extended sessions available upon request.

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