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Couples Therapy: Building Communication & Intimacy

I help couples learn and practice new skills as well as resolve blocks to healthy communication and intimacy. Therapy is an incredibly powerful way to get “unstuck” from ineffective dynamics in your relationship and strengthen the emotional ties to your partner.

  • Identify and overcome your listening blocks
  • Learn and practice the fundamentals of mindful listening
  • Complete an in-depth assessment on your Core Emotional Needs
  • Learn effective ways to communicate and be heard
  • Practice conflict resolution and problem-solving skills
  • Improve dysfunctional dynamics
  • Learn how to keep the “passion” alive

Mindfulness Meditation: Quieting the Mind

Mindfulness meditation, which stems from Buddhism, is a well researched and easy-to-learn set of coping skills. Mindfulness has been shown to help decrease chronic stress, relapses in depression, reduce anxiety and panic disorder, and suicidal behavior. Mindfulness is also very effective for reducing chronic pain as well as emotional reactivity and impulsivity found in addictive disorders.

I draw from the many skills and insights of Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy with the goal of helping you achieve both immediate symptom relief and long-term healing. Depending on your specific goal, I will teach you the principles of mindfulness meditation, its application to daily life as well as guide you through a series of meditation practices.

Trauma: Reestablishing Safety

I integrate cognitive/mindfulness-based therapy with EMDR (Eye Movement Densitization & Reprocessing), the treatment of choice for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. EMDR is a very safe and highly effective treatment for PTSD, anxiety, and chronic grief in which immediate symptom relief is typically experienced. EMDR is very powerful and every client who has undergone EMDR with me has reported lasting benefits and resolution.

PTSD often results from having experienced or witnessed a traumatic event such as a natural disaster, automobile accident, or sexual/physical abuse. Even “smaller” trauma that remains unresolved can be very distressing and impeding your day-to-day living. PTSD often includes high levels of anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares, and recurring thoughts of a stressful event.

Addiction: Breaking the Cycle

I consider addiction to be a bio-psycho-social-spiritual disease and believe that you are more likely to succeed in your recovery when all of these dimensions are treated. I can help you learn how to cope with and reduce your urges to use drugs/alcohol, address underlying psychological issues and prevent further relapses. My success rate is very high in helping individuals not only stay sober but quickly get back on track should they relapse.

I can help you if you are in early recovery (1 month to 1 year) and need assistance in strengthening your coping skills or if you have maintained your sobriety on a longer- term basis (over 1 year) and need continued support. I am very familiar with the 12 Step process however I can help you explore and develop an alternative spiritual practice as well.

Anxiety & Depression: Opportunities for Change

Anxiety can feel very crippling. You may feel that your best efforts to control and cope with situations and relationships is actually making you feel more overwhelmed and ineffective. Anxiety is a warning sign that you are feeling mentally, emotionally or spiritually out of balance and that you are feeling paralyzed by the stresses of modern life. Anxiety is, however, very treatable. Whether you are struggling with Social Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or Panic Disorder, I can help you make immediate, short-term improvements and approach anxiety as an opportunity to create greater meaning and depth in your life.

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