Boosting Mental Health for Seniors


Recommended professional: Dr. Melissa Friedman, Dr. George Munoz

Most individuals associate aging with memory problems. They believe that forgetfulness naturally comes with getting older. This is why whenever an older adult forgets names or faces, people are not alarmed or worried by the situation. In reality, however, mental deterioration should not be a normal part of aging. Research shows that mental decline after the age of 50 is not inevitable. On the contrary, a healthy brain is meant to get better with age, mainly because of the wisdom and knowledge acquired throughout the years.

Older adults should not assume that mental decline is to be expected. As they age, it is still possible to improve their mental health. The good news is that boosting one’s mental performance is simple and quite easy. One way for seniors to boost their mental health is by sleeping. The brain is hard at work during slumber, which is why lack of sleep is always disadvantageous for an individual. Engaging in other de-stressing activities can also positively affect the mental health of seniors. It is said that yoga, meditation and other similar activities help focus the mind, resulting in a person’s ability to create clearer memories. 

Naturally, good eating habits also contribute to the mental well-being of seniors. An older adult can improve his or her mental health by eating fish, vegetables, fruits and whole grains, as the aforementioned food items are known to enhance the flow of oxygen to the brain. Aside from eating well, it is also necessary for seniors to maintain their weight, blood pressure, as well as blood sugar and cholesterol levels. All these are essential to keep the brain in top condition. 

Walking as an activity has always been known as beneficial for health, but walking and talking at the same time proves to be significantly helpful when it comes to the improvement of mental performance. Older adults are advised to walk with another person and share a conversation with him or her. Such activity combines physical exercise, mental stimulation and social connection, which are three elements that truly strengthen the brain.