Anxiety & Depression: Opportunities for Change

Anxiety can feel very crippling. You may feel that your best efforts to control and cope with situations and relationships is actually making you feel more overwhelmed and ineffective. Anxiety is a warning sign that you are feeling mentally, emotionally or spiritually out of balance and that you are feeling paralyzed by the stresses of modern life. Anxiety is, however, very treatable. Whether you are struggling with Social Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or Panic Disorder, I can help you make immediate, short-term improvements and approach anxiety as an opportunity to create greater meaning and depth in your life.

Depression, no matter how severe, can also be a chance to finally let go of emotional suffering and find purpose and a sense of aliveness again. I can help you experience immediate relief through becoming more tolerant of internal distress and less self-destructive. I can also show you how to create lasting change through helping you learn how to detect early symptoms of depression or anxiety and address any underlying causes to these issues. I use Mindfulness-based approaches which has been shown in recent studies to be one of the most effective ways to prevent relapses in depression.

I prefer not to recommend psychiatric care, unless absolutely necessary. Instead I will help you learn more effective coping strategies, create more positive attitudes and perceptions, and enhance your lifestyle.

To support these changes, I may refer you to a local integrative health professional all of who are the best in their respective fields in Miami. My professional network includes an Integrative Medical Doctor, a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, an Energy Healer, a Physical Therapist and a Nutritionist.