Addiction and Substance Abuse: Signs and Symptoms

Recommended Professional: Dr. Roberto Sanchez, Raymond Estefania, Seaside Addiction Treatment Center

One of the main problems in society today is the growing number of individuals who are falling victim to substance abuse. Most people who have this problem often start with recreational drug use which they consider “harmless” until it eventually leads to a very dangerous addiction. There are many underlying factors that pertains to drug addiction but the most common are the following; abuse and other traumatic experiences in life mostly starting in childhood, different mental disorders like anxiety and depression, and if the individual has a family history of drug use.

There are different kinds of drugs out there being sold in the streets and in the black market, but all illegal substances share one thing in common: they all affect the person’s brain functions in such a way that it makes the individual think and act differently. This is one of the main reasons that illegal drugs are banned from society because most of the time, taking them would lead to criminal behavior. When a person becomes addicted, it becomes a part of their daily routine like eating and sleeping. Those who are wrapped up in substance abuse would feel that they “need” to take drugs to survive.

How does a person fall prey to substance abuse? Usually the number of drug users belongs to the youth of today because young people are easily subjected to experimentation and peer pressure. From a young age, if the person becomes addicted to drugs then it often leads to constant drug use all throughout their adult life. Sometimes when a tragedy or traumatic experience happens to a person, drug use becomes a form of escape to them. The illegal substances becomes a form of vice like drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes that makes a person forget his problems and painful memories.

This is why when symptoms show that a person is addicted to drugs, early intervention is necessary to prevent further damage to the individual. Support groups composed of family and friends or a trip to the rehabilitation clinic would be beneficial to a person who is in need of recovering from the use of illegal substances.