Executive Coaching – Backup

Executive Coaching PhotoExecutive Coaching is a solution-focused, high-impact way to make lasting changes in your leadership style and work performance. Coaching is ideal if:

  • You want to grow and expand your business
  • You are stuck in self-sabotaging behaviors and old ways of thinking
  • You want to optimize your work performance with new strategies
  • You are highly motivated and thrive on challenge
Enneagram-Learning-Intl-Logo-cleanedYour leadership style is largely determined by your core personality type. Leveraging the strengths and improving the blind-spots of your personality type is critical to effective leadership. My Executive Coaching services utilizes the Enneagram personality system, a highly effective tool for improving leadership and overall work performance.

In the initial phase of the coaching process, you will be guided through the Awareness to Action™ (A2A) process that is commonly used in corporate and business environments. A2A consists of a practical three-step process that will guide you from initial insights regarding you personality into practical, everyday applications to accelerate your performance and leadership. Among the organizations and businesses that have benefited from the Enneagram are Walt Disney, Hewlett Packard, Sony, Johnson & Johnson, the Federal Reserve Bank, and even the CIA.

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everyone should have a coachBENEFITS
One of the biggest benefits is that you will learn how to create sustainable change. Most self-mastery workshops and Coaching makes the mistake of overly-focusing on behavioral changes without addressing one’s core personality style. As Harvard developmental Psychologist Robert Kegan says, “You cannot solve an Adaptive Problem with a Technical Solution” (Immunity To Change). In other words, you cannot solve a problem in your thinking by just changing your behavior.
My Executive Coaching services will help you create change that sticks by helping you leverage the strengths of your core personality type, make real shifts in your thinking as well as learn strategic behavioral solutions.
Brief Coaching Program
Executive Assessments provide accurate insight and feedback about the specific leadership qualities of a new hire or employees considered for promotion. This service allows the employer to make an informed decision and ensure that the candidate is the right fit for the position.
  • Hiring and Promotion of new executives
  • Aligning leadership style with overall business goals and strategies
  • Predicting fit with existing leadership team
  • Identifying talent and intangible leadership qualities
  • Accurate feedback and insight into leadership personality